Bike Education - Term 3

Bike Education

Beware of bikes and bike riders as you visit LNPS on a Friday in the next few weeks!


Currently the Year 4s are participating in the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure’s (DPTI’s) Way2Go Bike Ed 

program each Friday. Qualified instructors conduct 3 x 90 minute sessions during the day.


Through participating in this 6 week course,  students:

-    build their knowledge and understanding of the road laws and traffic environments

-   develop bike handling and maintenance skills

-   develop decision making skills for off and on-road bike riding.

Before the first session, the RAA checks student bikes for roadworthiness. The patrol who attended our site last week were able to conduct a few minor repairs and only send a couple of bikes home for more maintence.

Students who do not own or cannot access a bicycle are able to use bikes and helmets provided by Bicycle SA during their session.


Students are very excited to be provided with their own journals to use during sessions and as a reference once the course has concluded.


Families are reminded that students must have appropriate clothing and closed footwear (avoid skirts and flared pants) and bring a rainproof jacket each Friday to ensure rider safety and comfort ..... even on casual days!