LA 18 / 19

Arts and Drama

LA19 will be working with Ms Baker in art. It involves students making and responding to visual arts independently, and collaboratively with their classmates and teachers. Students will explore ideas and artworks from different cultures and times, including artwork by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists.

LA18 will be working with Mrs Haley in drama. Students will extend their understanding of role and situation as they offer, accept and extend their ideas in improvisation. They will collaborate to plan, make and perform drama that communicates ideas.


Our focus in Health this semester is about keeping safe. Topics include feelings, being safe, early warning signs, risk taking and emergencies. Students will be provided with many opportunities to explore and practise ways of interacting and responding in a range of situations. They will be helped to:

-reflect on the impact of their own behavioiur on others

-modify their behaviour in response to feedback

-develop an understanding of social conventions.

Design Technology

It's Show Time!

Students will be designing, making and appraising show bags and side show alley games. They will think creatively when designing and solve problems as they arise. 

Digital Technology

Students are encouraged to bring their own device this semester as there are several digital projects they will be working on. They will be learning how to use Google Slides in depth to create a multi modal text.