Rights, Information, Advocacy Centre (RAIC) will visit Verney Road School (VRS)

This year at Verney Road school, we are partnering with RIAC (Rights, Information, Advocacy Centre) to give Verney Road School parents and carers the opportunity to access services offered by RIAC on-site at school. 



  • Help you to speak up for yourself 
  • Write a letter with, or for you 
  • Give you information about other agencies or services that may be able to help you 
  • Help you understand government systems such as NDIS, Centrelink, Aged Care, Housing, Legal and Education 
  • Make sure that your voice is heard at meetings 
  • Help you make a complaint 
  • Help you in reviewing an NDIS or Centrelink decision 
  • Make sure that your voice is heard at meetings 


🟡 This term, Clare Rich from RIAC will be at Verney Road on: 

  • Friday 24th February 9:15-11:15 
  • Tuesday 28th March 12:45-2:45 You can schedule a time by getting in contact with Clare or Sarah or you can drop in at any time while she is here. 


🟡 If you would like further 

information you can: