What's happening at CHPS

Science is happening everywhere......

Students have been showing amazing initiative and many parents have been showing amazing flexibility and forbearance in turning areas of their homes into science laboratories over past weeks. It just goes to show what incredible things can happen when a community pulls together!


Sports News

This week in PE I suggested that students have a go at an obstacle course for their soccer with a softer object like a rolled up towel or a bundle of socks so they can kick that around the house, in and out of rooms if they wish to create a course. Thanks to those who have posted their videos or photos on Google Classroom PE.  There was also a Soccer Challenge to try and do the Rainbow Flick, for those who are pretty good at Soccer, if you still wish to have a go. Next week I have put some links up for Fitness Circuits, which is the theme for the week to get up and get moving. Even though some have been great with their bike rides, or just taking the dog for a walk or a jog, the links are there for the whole family to have a go at to keep your fitness up. There has been a huge increase in the amount of food people are eating whilst being at home. I know I have been baking, which I don’t usually do during the week, so it’s a good idea to get out and lose some of the calories if possible.

“Indoor Soccer”


Virtual Cross Country


Over the next week or two I will be sending out information for a Virtual Cross Country which involves the students running a particular distance, recording the time it was run in and maybe a photo of the student running. It might be a good idea to start getting out there and having a practice. Considering we don’t have our House Cross Country, which we may even run later in the year anyway for fun, being a part of not only our House Cross Country but also the District Cross Country is great for those students who would have been striving to achieve their best running time to qualify.

These are the distances for the different age groups:

Prep – b/w 500m and 1km.

Year 1 – 1km

Year 2 – 1.5km

Year 3/4 – 2km

Year 5/6 – 3km 

You can use our normal Huff N Puff track for this is you want as it’s the 500 metres down onto the Soccer oval, past the water tanks, then back around past the pavilion. I have attached a map so that you can use the school ground and Yarrunga if you wish. All of the running areas are outside the school fence. You can also do this within your neighbourhood, just get the distance mapped out with the car first, so that you know what distance you are running. An App which maps the distance and time you run it in is called “Map My Run” you can also get this for walking as well.

If we get enough people interested, then I can send our results into the Maroondah Division Co-ordinator who will compare our results against our other schools in our District to see who wins the District Cross Country Trophy. Give it a go, and have some fun as well as improve our fitness.




Noreen McMenaman

Sport / PE




An Invitation to Improve Wellbeing

As we all know, our way of life has been significantly impacted by COVID-19. Because of this, some of us may have sought out and accessed resources online to help us manage during this time. The EACH Youth & Family Counselling Team are inviting Victorian primary-school aged kids to complete a brief survey, to explore what they are feeling and what resources/services they themselves might want to access. Information from this survey will guide how our team responds to their needs specifically, as well as being used for quality improvement across other areas in EACH. 

The survey link is below and should take 5-10 minutes for a child to complete (parents/carers can help their child fill it out if need be). Once completed, and with parents’ permission, children are also able to enter the draw to win a craft activity pack! Each eligible child in the family, who completes the survey, can enter the competition. Because the survey will be emailed to parents/carers only, consent to complete the survey is assumed as parents will have to provide their child access to a device to complete it. Information will be de-identified and used only for the purposes stated above. The survey will close on Monday 11th May at 8pm. 

We ask for your help in:  

(a)    Getting your own children to fill out the survey, and then, 

(b)    Forward this link on to your teams, networks, clients, families that you know of/who you are working with!

The more responses we have, the better picture we get about how our children are coping and what they might need/want. 

SURVEY LINK:   https://bit.ly/358PmOK



•    For SURVEY related enquiries, please email Alana Weekes aweekes@each.com.au.

•    If you are unfamiliar with EACH SERVICES, a postcard is attached with our various service teams on it, along with our Service Access number 1300 00 EACH (1300 00 3224). You can also access our website at www.each.com.au. 

•To contact the YOUTH AND FAMILY COUNSELLING TEAM, please email youthandfamilyvic@each.com.au or follow us on Facebook “EACH Youth & Family”. Our services specifically cover the local government areas of Knox, Maroondah, Whitehorse and Yarra Ranges. 



CHAPS Update

To the CHPS Mums and special people, 

On behalf of all the CHAPS Team, have a fantastic and wonderful day on Sunday, celebrating the special day dedicated to us. We all hope you have lots of fun with your families, definitely one to remember.

Don’t forget to JOIN OUR FACEBOOK PAGE, now more than ever another great way to be connected whilst we are all doing remote learning. Enjoy access to updates including, like last night, Christian, our Principal, hosting a Q&A on our page. What a great initiative to see him online and ask questions via the page. Thanks Christian. Here is the link below to join:


Keep well, keep smiling 😊. We look forward to organising some fun events when we return.