Download your membership card to your phone so it's always with you.

If you’re new, meet with Dom after your induction meeting 4/15 5:30.Prizes.

Check your addresses and contact info with CTA.

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Don’t forget to download your CTA digital membership card! 


Have you ever needed to identify yourself as an educator or CTA Member?  Have you misplaced your physical membership card, never received a card, or realized you left it at home when you really needed to verify your status as an educator?

Search your email for a message from CTA sent February 26th, 2021 “Download Your Digital CTA Membership Card Now.” When accessed from your cell phone, you will be prompted to download your card to your device or e-wallet.  

Once you download your CTA digital membership card, you can always have it available, right from your cell phone!  

If you have any difficulty downloading your CTA digital membership card, please contact CTA Membership at or OGEA Membership Chair, Dominic Rizzi at .


OGEA Membership Chair Dom Rizzi to meet with New Hires April 15, 2021 following their Induction Meeting at 5:00pm. Intention is to check in and do any Q&A about end of year expectations. Conversations on membership, and “need to knows” about transitions between temporary, probationary and permanent status. Expected 30min of check in with Q&A. Indicate your interest in attending and to share any prepared questions or comments by clicking here or at Please share and invite any new hires from your sites who would be interested in attending. Materials will be shared including FAQ on Temporary and Probationary status and Collected Q&A from the session. Focused audience for educators in their first to third year in the district.  Also prizes.   

Updating your personal contact information with OGEA and CTA will ensure you are verifiable and reachable during this time of distance learning and decision making. Check with your site rep or email Membership Chair, for any contact updates that you need help making. 

Please monitor your personal email for important information from OGEA and CTA in the coming weeks in respect to bargaining updates, ratification processes, and membership meetings. Consider joining our OGEA members only Facebook group to stay in the loop for up-to-date information. Thank you for your attention and patience and please do not hesitate to reach out to me for questions on membership or navigating your union and district contacts. 

Dominic Rizzi

OGEA Membership Chair