School Sport

Sporting in Schools

Term 2, 2021 


Sporting in Schools is running again this term. The program is AFL Football.

The dates are:

Tuesday May 4th

Tuesday May 11th

Tuesday May 18th

Tuesday May 25th

The first session commences next Tuesday (4th of May) at 3:15pm-4:15pm

Each session is 60 minutes and will be held at Toolamba Primary School commencing at 3:15pm. 

A total of 4 sessions will be held. The program will run every Tuesday

If your child/ren are interested, please complete and hand in the Parent/Guardian Consent Form as soon as possible.    

For more information please see Sarah Maskell or phone the school.


Cross Country

The students at Toolamba Primary School are participating in the Annual Cross Country Run on Monday 3rd May. The race will be held on the same track as previous years, across the road from the school grounds, at Daunt’s Bend (Toolamba Bush). It would be great for you to come along and support the students as they run the race. 


What: Cross Country

When: Monday 3rd May

Where: Daunt’s Bend (Toolamba Bush)


See Student Starting Times Below*


Start Time


Grade 5/6



Grade 3/4



Grade 2



Grade 1







  • At 1.20pm, Grade 3/4 will make their way to the track via the School Crossing ready to start at 1:45pm and 5/6 will walk over at 1.30pm to also start at 1:45pm.
  • Grade Foundation/1/2 can start making their way over from school at 1.45pm to see the finish of the Senior races.
  • At 2.15pm all Grade 3/4 and 5/6 students should be finished and ready to cheer the Junior School for their race.
  • Teachers/Parent Helpers to then take the Foundation students to 500m mark, Grade 1 to the 750m mark and Grade 2 to the 1km mark.
  • The Foundation students will start at 2:30pm, Grade 1 will start at 2:25pm and Grade 2 will start at 2:20pm.

We will assemble in the amphitheatre after the races to award ribbons for place getters.


For Students to qualify for Zone they will need to beat the following:

Grade 3 and 4 need to finish in the top 5 and beat 11 minutes to qualify for Zone. (2km) Grade 5 and 6 need to finish in the top 5 and beat 16 minutes to qualify for Zone. (3km)


Please Note: If the track is wet and muddy the Cross Country will be moved to the Community Oval where students will run laps equivalent to their distance.