From the Classroom

Grade One Learning

Welcome back to another busy term in Grade One. It was brilliant to hear about all the wonderful things families did on the holidays and students retuned to school ready for learning. 

This term we have special visitor for the next four weeks. Sam Aitken (Mrs A) is completing placement in our room. Sam is a student teacher who is in her final year of university and this is her last placement for her degree. As part of her requirements in this placement Sam is teaching a unit she has created and planned called Our Solar System. Students are very excited to learn about the planets, star, astronauts and of course, Earth. 


Grade 4

Students have transitioned easily back into classroom routines after their two week break. They have all loved sharing about their adventures over the holidays!

We have visited the Toolamba Bush a couple of times to ensure we are all ready for Cross Country on Monday! This will be the first time the students will be embarking on the 2km course. 

In Reading, we have begun working on the comprehension strategy Questioning. Students have been focusing on beginning their questions with either ‘Who, What, When, Where, Why, How or I wonder…’ When reading at home ask your child if they have any questions about the story. The children have loved recording those on sticky notes during Independent Reading. 

In Writing, students created their own Narrative based on the structure of ‘Conquering the Monster’. When asked to draw what a monster is to them, all students were very creative. Some students have used their siblings, world leaders and homework, just to name a few. Next week we will be touching on Persuasive with the topic ‘Remote Learning vs Face to Face.’

Students have looked at Partitioning as a strategy to solve addition problems this week. We are also practising verbalising our thinking when discussing how we got our answers.