Community News


Students from Grade 5 to 10 who want to improve their number, writing or reading skills can now join our weekly sessions of “Letters & Numbers”. The activity is run by the Tatura Community House and takes place in the Tatura Library, every Tuesday during the school term from 3:45 to 4:30pm for primary school students and from 4:45 to 5:30pm for high school students. The tutoring is free of cost. Come and get the support of our lovely volunteers who all have a background in education and who will make it fun for you to learn and improve your skills.


Mobile Library

The Mobile Library has resumed a full schedule, including visits to schools. We have made some adjustments to the schedule, which includes changing our visit to Toolamba to a Monday afternoon 2.00pm – 3.00pm. 

Toolamba Lions Club

If you are new to town or just interested in becoming more involved in the community, Toolamba Lions Club is again running our monthly meetings on the first Tuesday of each month at the Toolamba Junction Hotel at 7pm (COVID permitting). It is a great way to meet new people and serve our great town. If you would like to come and find out what Lions Club in Toolamba is all about, we would love to have you attend one of our meetings and shout you a meal! Call Amanda Sibio (Membership Coordinator) on 0447 405 335 or email

Transition Tatura - Art Competition


In 2019 and 2020, Transition Tatura held two very successful short-film competition for students of all Goulburn Valley Schools. The challenges both years for the children, either by themselves or with friends or family, was to make a short film (1 to 6 minutes) about the environment. In 2021, we have decided to expand the Environmental Short-film Competition to an Environmental Art Competition. As usual, this competition is open to all current students within the Goulburn Valley. 

Schools in the City of Greater Shepparton and surrounds have been sent a “preliminary notification” prior to the school holidays and more details will be sent once Term Two is back in full swing. 

As with previous competitions, all artworks, films, songs, poems, plays (etc…!) will be showcased at the 2021 Transition Tatura Communities Shaping the Future Film Festival on Saturday August 28th. 


The 2021 Topic:

Either by yourself, with your family or with friends, use your favourite form of artistic expression (from our list below) to address the competition topic;


“My Town: A Zero Carbon Town … what can I do to make it happen?”


The categories of art Transition Tatura will be considering for this competition are as follows;

  • Visual Art (painting, drawing, sculpture, fashion design, etc.)
  • Performance Art (dance, theatre, song, music, etc.) (up to six minutes duration)
  • Literature (poetry, story, etc.) (up to 1500 words)
  • Media Arts (film, animation, computers, etc.) (up to six minutes duration)


There will be three age groups for each artistic category 

  • Grade Prep to Three
  • Grade Four to Six
  • Secondary Schools

Prizes for winning entries in each category 

  • Grade Prep to Three $60
  • Grade Four to Six $60
  • Secondary School $60
  • Overall Best Entry $280

Total prize pool is $1,000. Entries to close 4.00pm, Friday July 30th, 2021.


For more information;

  • check at your school’s office
  • check with your art teachers
  • go to Transition Tatura’s Facebook page: Transition Towns Tatura
  • call Ross on 0407 845 247 (please leave a message or SMS if no answer)


Think Global, Act Local… 

Transition Tatura, a not-for-profit collective of like-minded people, plans and supports community guided responses to climate change and shrinking supplies of cheap energy. Through localisation, energy reduction and community strengthening, our goal is for Tatura and all populations to transition to resilient communities that can readily respond to the challenges and dangers of climate change and oil depletion. Launched in the UK in 2006, Transition Initiatives have grown to include towns and communities across the world. Transition Tatura is the 397th official Transition Initiative.

'A Taste of African Cultures'