Religious Education

Marylene Douglas

Welcome to St Louis' in 2022! A new school year has arrived, and we return from our holidays, hopefully refreshed and 

renewed.  The year ahead will continue to have challenges, new learnings and expectations which can be daunting, but we continue to recognise the many gifts of our students and school community,  respecting the human dignity of each individual.  There is much that is unknown in the coming year, yet we come together to discern our path ahead with our wonderful community of students, staff, parents and carers, the Church and others. And above that umbrella that we share hovers the Spirit of Jesus, the greatest teacher of all – there to inform our daily practice, to anoint our sacred relationships with each other and to nurture us on our journey to a life of love, vision, and purpose.



In this light let us pray....

May God bless our school community with the willingness to work together so we can all achieve great things.


May Christ bless us with the passion to become life-long learners and grow into compassionate global citizens, and


May the Holy Spirit bless our learning environment at St Louis’ to be a place of inspiration where we can pursue opportunities that will foster in us a happy, healthy and fulfilling future.       

We ask this through Christ our Lord,    AMEN


Some Dates to Remember:

Sunday 27th February- Prep Picnic Mass 10.30am Braeside Park

Wednesday 2nd March- Ash Wednesday

Sunday 20th- Year 5 First Eucharist Masses


5CP-  2.30pm

Sunday 27th- Year 5 First Eucharist Masses


5BE-  2.30pm


This month is FRIENDLY FEBRUARY, check out the calendar for some 'Friendly' ideas!