Student Learning 



Reading - Students have been practicing their reading stamina.

Numeracy - Foundation students have been learning about what capacity means in maths and had to order items in order from least to most.

Writing - Students wrote a recount of cross country. They then edited and published their own books of their work. 

Year 1/2

Reading: The students have loved choosing interest books to read for pure enjoyment.

Writing: The students have worked really hard to edit and revise their narrative ready to publish next week.

Maths: The 1/2's have been practiced getting faster at doubling numbers and recognising fact families.

New Vocabulary: The students have looked at new vocabulary words including squelched, eagerly, shrieked and wailed. They have also tried to incorporate some of these into their narratives.


Cross Country: We are really proud of all the students who participated in the cross country. 

Do It For Dolly: It was fantastic to see everybody dressed in blue and show their support for Do It For Dolly Day. We can all make a difference by showing kindness and breaking the silence around bullying.

Mother's Day: The students enjoyed making these very cute Mother's Day crafts. 

Year 3/4 

Students have been 'taking scissors to my draft', working on revising and editing narratives in preparation for publishing.

3/4 students then had a fantastic morning, this morning, sharing their narratives to an audience. We love seeing our students taking pride in their hard work!


Year 5/6

Year 6 students attended the Taster Day at Cobram Secondary College. Our Year 6 students were feeling inspired after experiencing virtual reality space images, discovering what happens when 2 black holes merge together, looking at the planets, even a space banana! is a website that students can explore which provides real time observations of space.