Principal's News

The Last Two Weeks of Term Two

Weeks 8 and 9

The Flu

Thank You, everyone, for being understanding regarding the current round of flu. It continues to be a problem for the school with children and staff being off sick. There are very few substitute teachers available, and last week we did get one, then that person got sick, and we ended up with no one. Everyone at Holy Family is doing their best to keep learning and teaching, but sometimes programs and interventions must be put on hold due to a lack of staff. 


The children are also coping very well with the current situation. I don't think there have been any classroom teachers who have not been away from school this term, which is difficult for the kids. They get used to their teacher, and many of them find it hard when their teacher is away for a while. So well done to all our Holy Family children for the resilience and adaptability you have displayed over this term. We have two weeks left of term two, so I am hoping that after everyone has been away from school for the holidays, we will come back with the flu under control.


Once again, thank you to our school community for your support during Term 2. 

My Departure

I became the Principal of Holy Family School in the middle of 2011. That sounds like a long time ago. After much thought, I have decided to resign from my role as Principal. My last day at school will be the end of term three, which is Friday the 24th of September.  

During Term 3, I will let everyone know the process that will be put into place to find my replacement.


I have enjoyed being part of the Holy Family community and will take away many fond memories from being here. When I leave at the end of term 3, I will be spending the rest of the year and the summer at my bach (beach house) in New Zealand. I will work part-time while there and will be making up for two years of being locked down and unable to indulge in two things that I enjoy: fishing and riding my motorcycles. 


Steve Twomey