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Principal, Terry Blizzard

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It is always heartening when a school receives positive reports of its students' conduct from members of the public. Too often, young people are criticised and subject to generalisations. Too often, the value and contribution of our young people is overlooked. So I would like to take a moment to share an email the school received this week about one of our students. 


"It is with great pleasure that I am writing to you today. I was at Flinders Street as the train arrived  when I saw a blonde haired boy alone from your school. I witnessed him allow a lady with a pram on to the train first and help her out with getting onto the train.  I didn't know this lady but I felt as if your boy needed to be thanked by the public in general. We talked before some of his other friends got on the train at North Melbourne. He explained that he was in Year 11. I am very respectful of the manner in which he acted on public transport and it just goes to show a little can go a long way." 


In times where common courtesy can go a very long way, and care for one another is so important, I congratulate this young man on his conduct. And I would like to congratulate all of our students on the many ways - recognised and unrecognised - that they improve the lives of those around them. 


Mr Blizzard with Year 9 student Patrick
Mr Blizzard with Year 9 student Patrick


In light of the developments around COVID-19, I want like to express my sincere thanks to parents and students for their calm and supportive approach to the issue. These are deeply troubling times that really do require a united approach, informed by the best information available. We continue to receive advice from the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria who are being advised by the Victorian Chief Health Officer and any developments will be communicated immediately to our community. This is very much unchartered waters for schools, and we must act on the best possible advice. 

I would also like to commend our staff who are living this here at school and with their own families. Their calm and professional demeanour has been wonderful. We can certainly be proud of the way staff and students have conducted themselves. This week I have forwarded a letter to all families outlining the teaching and learning arrangements should we be required to close. Please encourage your sons to support their teachers in these endeavours if they become necessary and refer them to this week’s information letter if there are any queries. 

The advice to staff, students and families continues to be:

-    Practice social distancing, at home and at school.

-    Students and staff should stay home if sick. 

-    Maintain strict hygiene regarding handwashing, washing hands with soap for 20 seconds. I heard this explained as two rounds of “happy birthday to you!”

-    Sanitise hands whenever possible. 

Our cleaning company have upgraded their cleaning schedule to include implementing a process of high-grade chemical disinfection to all major touchpoints within the school. These touchpoints are most commonly door handles, push plates and their surrounds, soap dispensers, taps, tabletops and chairs. 


Again, these times are new to all of us, with ever changing information and advice. Should there be any change to the advice we are receiving from the Catholic Education Commission we will notify families accordingly. 


Terry Blizzard | Principal