Secondary News

Secondary Assemblies

Term 4 saw the return of Secondary Assemblies run by our Secondary Leadership Team via Zoom. There are many new things that have been included to keep students interested and engaged. These things include subject spotlight and student challenges. 
The ‘Challenges’ were first presented to students in Week 2, which means that the first prize was given in Week 3. This prize went to a person from each year group. The challenge was to wear the right uniform, head to toe, for a whole week. If you did this, you would get a $10 voucher to any shop in Moree. The winners of the vouchers were:
Joshua Rigby (7), Jenovah Joseph (8), Grace Grantham (9), and Georgia Brown (10)
Week 4’s challenge was the attendance challenge. This challenge had individual year groups depend on each other to come to school in order to claim the prize: Hot Chip Friday! The year group with the highest percentage of attendance was Year 7. All of the percentages were quite close together, so each year had a chance to win. Year 7 ultimately had a higher percentage of attendance as compared to other year groups.
Sophie Lai (Year7) won our most recent challenge, the “One Kind Thing” challenge. The Leaders of Learning (and some students) nominated students that had done a kind thing for someone else. For example; helping someone with their work, sticking up for someone, etc. In order to win the prize, students had to become their most selfless selves and showcase their kindness to others. 
Unfortunately, we have not been able to do any other challenges due to interruptions and COVID-19. However, we hope to continue these in the next few weeks.


Bella Nash