Student Wellbeing

Student Mental Health and Wellbeing


Last week, our teachers spent a day working in their teams reviewing the term so far and planning for the upcoming weeks. Student wellbeing has become a large factor of these discussions. At Greenhills, we have a mantra that every student has a great day everyday. We use many different systems such as wellbeing check ins, class discussions and student agency sessions to continually monitor how students are feeling both with their learning and their mental wellbeing. 


We know that there are students that require extra support outside of what can be given by the classroom teacher and school staff. We are exploring the re-commencement of OnPsych at Greenhills. OnPsych provides an external psychologist that works with students during school time. The benefit of this is that it is a safe space for students, the psychologist will connect with parents and the school staff, which will allow for a partnership to be built and allow for strategies to be shared that will further support the child.


If you feel that your child would benefit from the OnPsych service, please email Janine or Brad to get some more information.



Janine and Brad.