General News 

General News and Weekly Awards

Students return to school on Tuesday the 13th of July.

Semester Reports

Student reports will be open through the Compass App on Friday of this week. 


School Calendar

Please click on this Parent Calendar to view all upcoming school events.  Details for events can be found in the calendar for your perusal.


Congratulations to our Week 9 Award winners:


Mrs Bartholomew and Other Teachers - organising our Sports Carnival!


Hazel McMahon - For applying her knowledge of sounds when reading

Patrick Balint - For interest and enthusiasm when collecting and sorting data during our Maths lessons.

Oliver Bowley - for using effective strategies to solve subtraction problems. 

Hendrix O’Loughlin - For always being a keen participant in classroom discussions. 

Alex Davis - for demonstrating enthusiasm towards all areas of his learning and bringing cheer to our classroom.

Jack Bennett - for always being a focused and dedicated student. 

Abbie Coghill - for determination and commitment to her learning in our Maths unit, “Time” 

Isabella Brown - for confidently sharing ideas in our campfire area.