Sports Report

State Swimming at MSAC – Thursday 22nd April

This day marked the culminating event for SSV swimming. From House swimming at MSAC to State Swimming at the same venue, our team of 25 brilliant swimmers finished where they all started. Each individual swam their absolute hardest for the school and they all reaped the rewards for their efforts. 


Some absolute standouts of the competition was Charlie Millard achieving two first places for 50m Breaststroke – a new state record of 34.04 seconds and her 50m Butterfly event. Ciara Walsh also received a gold medal for her 50m Back stroke event after coming off the back of National Championships on the Gold Coast the week before as well. MGC had two medley relay winners in the 15-16 & 17-20 years age groups. These races were electric and a big congratulations goes too Charli Campbell, Chloe Millard, Charli Millard and Manon Shaw in the 15/16 years. And in the 17-20 years Chantelle Campbell, Alice Luxton, Ciara Walsh and Natasha Lowe. The 16 years freestyle relay also recorded a gold medal with Charlie Millard, Charli Campbell, Chloe Millard and Mahalia De Kretser in a valiant effort as well. 


So with all successes achieved, Melbourne Girls College finished 2nd in the state overall as a school. An amazing achievement for our whole swimming team who put all their spare time into swimming outside of school. 

It is rightfully time now, to thank three of our senior students for their incredible swimming career at MGC who will leave us next year. Chantelle Campbell, Ciara Walsh and Olivia Mitchell. 

An article by Chantelle Campbell and Ciara Walsh

On the 24th of April, the MGC swimming team travelled to MSAC to compete in the State Schools Swimming Championships. Almost every swimmer that competed in regionals made an appearance that day. With every age group racing two relays and the senior girls racing around 4 individual events, it was quite an eventful day. It became even more exciting when it was announced that we came runners-up to Maribyrnong College which is an outstanding achievement considering we were racing against co-ed schools who had both students racing in both the girls and boys events, where we were only the girls. 


For three of us girls, it became a realization that it was our last time competing at the Schools State Championships. 6 years we have been competing for Melbourne Girls College, and for the last time it was on April 24th. It was an overwhelming time for the three of us (Ciara Walsh, Olivia Mitchell, and Chantelle Campbell.) It’s crazy to think 6 years ago we all had no idea where our swimming would take us. 


The first time in year 7 we came to race against each other at the swimming carnival is a memory we’ll never forget, to most year 7s it was fun and games, but to us it was a nervous and quite serious event. We were so determined to beat one another to become the winner and move on to division in every event possible. You compare it to now-a-days, where it was only Chantelle and Olivia racing in the 18 and overs at the swimming carnival and Ciara racing in the 17 year old category, with the year 12 squad cheering behind you. To think in year 7 there was at least 10 of us racing to win a spot in the relay and now only three of us racing for fun and joy of our last year. 


We went on to be known as the “Awesome Foursome,” along with Heidi Morris and Tess Haslam, the five of us mixed around each year to make a relay of four. From year 7 to 10 we won every state championship relay for our age group and broke a few 20 year old records along the way that still stand today. It was always a thrill to race together, trying to beat our time from the previous year. 

Throughout the six years we won 45 medals between ourselves at States, let alone division and regionals competition. 


Over the years Ciara’s specialty has always been backstroke, racing the 100m and 50m backstroke every year. Chantelle has always raced the 100m and 50m freestyle, with that becoming the events she raced for Melbourne Girls College. Olivia was known to always compete in the 50m breaststroke, like many of us older girls wouldn’t dare to. As the years have gone by, we’ve gained a special liking for those events and have had no doubts about reaching the next round. 


It’s been incredible watching ourselves grow over the years, in swimming in particular, from being the quiet, shy and youngest on the team, to now the oldest and biggest girls in the team. It has been quite a journey to say the least. We want to thank Mr Fero-Kovassy, Ms Cameron-Martin and of course Mr Monaghan for all the support throughout the 6 years of swimming and accommodating our needs as we’ve gotten into VCE. We will miss the excitement and joys of competing for the school, we wish the MGC Swimming Team the best of luck next year and know with the girls coming up through the years they will be able to bring home premiers at states next year and many more to come. 


Photo from year 7 (2016) – Featured from left to right – Ciara Walsh, Tess Haslam, Chantelle Campbell and Heidi Morris
Photo from 2019 – Heidi Morris, Olivia Mitchell, Tess Haslam & Chantelle Campbell
Photo from year 7 (2016) – Featured from left to right – Ciara Walsh, Tess Haslam, Chantelle Campbell and Heidi Morris
Photo from 2019 – Heidi Morris, Olivia Mitchell, Tess Haslam & Chantelle Campbell

Regional Tennis – Year 7, 8 & Intermediate

On three separate days across week 1 & week 2 of this term, MGC had 12 wonderful tennis players represent the school up at Boroondara Tennis Centre at the Regional Championship event. While we very were competitive, unfortunately we did not have a winner on either day. But each student had fun nonetheless. It was reported that they showed great sportsmanship and encouraged each other win/loss or tie breaker. A highlight was our Year 8 Tennis players coming second in the event with some fantastic tennis played by Sophie Watts, Gen Chia, Imogen Scott-Young and Martina Phan. 

A big thank you to the teachers Amelia Cash, Lenore Twist and Bridget Tellefson for helping our students on these sport days. 


Intermediate Volleyball at Darebin Sports Stadium – Friday 23rd April 

Our team of 10 volleyballers travelled to Reservoir College to compete at the regional event. There was some incredible competition at the carnival and our students tried their hardest to give themselves a chance at winning through to state. Unfortunately, this was not our day. However, each member of the team played for each other and enjoyed the day overall. 

Thanks to Kat Bradshaw for supporting our students and pumping them up for each of their games. 


Year 8 Softball at Mill Park – 27th April 

A long bus trip all the way up to Mill Park on this day for our 11 Softball students representing the school at the Regional Carnival. The students were slow to start in their games, but with some intense coaching from our resident CRT Evelyn, our team began to turn their slow start around to finish second for the day behind a very good softball team with rep players from the Mill Park area. Our softballers had a blast for the day as shown in the photo below. Sport was the real winner here. 

Senior Sport –  Friday 30th April 

A big day was held at MGC as we hosted both badminton and netball competitions at our school. 



A successful day it was for our Badminton team that consisted of Mia Li, Bernice Liaw, Abbey Gao and Fiona Wang – winning through to the Regional carnival later in Term 3. Some amazing play from our students was observed by on lookers and this was reflected on the score sheets at the end of the day. Having watched these students train, I believe that they could beat their PE teachers with their opposite hands. Amazing skill in this team. Thanks to Anna Crosswhite and Katrina Gu for running this successful event. 



A beautiful day outside saw our amazing two teams of netballers take to the court for what was in some cases, their last time as an MGC student. Our B team was persistent all day in their efforts and managed to take wins against some of the A team competitors. A wonderful effort for a team with mostly year 11 students. The highlight for the day was the passion and enthusiasm in our A team which consisted of mostly year 12’s. The way our team conducted themselves was second to none, and they each contributed in all games as a team. The A team played in the final against SEDA (a specialist sport school) and this was an electric atmosphere that attracted many onlookers. The girls lead at half time and were even at three quarter time. Unfortunately, a couple of represented players turned up the heat for SEDA in the last quarter, and we went down by 3 goals. Our students were gracious in defeat and all agreed that the game was played at a high standard. A big thanks too Hayden McLennan for his help on the day in coaching the two teams. 


Intermediate Sport – 6th May

Another big event on the sport calendar! Intermediate sport day.



The two teams travelled to Princes Park on an overcast day with Mr. Opt Hoog and Mr. McLennan. Our two coaches rallied our players into order with some strategic coaching which brought about much success for the day. Winning our way through to the final. By all reports, Mr. Opt Hoog wound back the clock with some motivational coaching. Our A team made it through to the grand final and unfortunately, they lost to a solid University High outfit in the deciding game. Some lessons were learned, but a fantastic effort nevertheless. 



Another hosted event at MGC saw our two school teams play extremely well in the A competition. Whilst, our nine social teams had a blast with their friends in their 4 games across the day. Due to time, constraints the final of the A competition will be held later this term, as the final is in fact, is the two teams from MGC. A brilliant outcome for some fantastic games played on the day. Thanks to Tonia Douglas Scarfe and Anna Crosswhite for running a successful day on the courts.



Also held at MGC, our A teams and social teams had a fun day in the gym. With some very competitive badminton our A team to win through to the final! This was an exciting contest and the team could really sense the moment (see photo below). Unfortunately, University High were too good in the event winning 4 games to 2 to proceed through to the regional event. Thanks goes to Meredith Carre for helping run the competition for the day. 

Athletics at Box Hill – Tuesday 11th May

A frustrating time to say the least for not only staff and students, but the entire MGC community. Three times we tried to run this amazing event, but it wasn’t meant to be this year due to administration errors and unforeseen weather events. A big thanks to all that were involved in the planning of this event and we will be back bigger and better for next year! Especially to the teachers and students who stayed at school for a relatively calm day to enjoy a BBQ ran by Mr. Vance and the pedal powered smoothies from the Environment team. See photos below of the team that attended Box Hill on the morning of the final cancellation. If we didn’t laugh, we would have probably cried. 


Senior AFL at Princes Park – Wednesday 12th May

A good theme around this week was the word ‘cancellation’. However, this was a good word this time with our senior team being the only team to compete and automatically going through to the Regional event in week 10 on Thursday! Thanks to the team for try outs and all the best in this event. 


Division Athletics at Collingwood – Tuesday 18th May 

An incredibly hard task was completed for this event to run due to the cancellation of athletics day the week before. However, the PE team and other teachers managed to put together a competitive team to compete at Collingwood in as little as 3 days with results recording, student nominations and personal interests given at school. Our very large team was successful in many events throughout the day with too many individual winners to name. We were also successful in the team events too, with 4/6 relays teams winning on the big stage. 


A big thanks to our other resident CRT Leon V and Trev for their assistance on the day with our 55 students who competed. Along with out student helpers for the day! These students sat in an office for the entirety of the event and recorded every single result that came through the window. An amazing job. 


Intermediate AFL at Princes Park – Thursday 20th May 

Another successful competition with MGC taking a highly competitive team to Princes Park for the day with Mr. McLennan and Mr. V (CRT). It was incredible team effort across all four games. MGC played Fitzroy, Brunswick, Princes Hill and University High defeating all sides comfortable. An amazing feat was not one point was scored against our team for the whole competition. This will be amazing momentum heading into the regional event on the 20th July in week 2 of term 3. Our two student coaches Maeve and Maddy were great in there feedback for their team. The best part about the day was the team goal celebrations and positivity shown by all. 


Year 8 Sport Report – May 26th 2021

The most recent sport day was held this week. MGC hosted the netball, while Darebin held the badminton and Princes Park with soccer. A big participation day for the school saw approximately 150 students compete over the course of the day. 



A similar story to our intermediate netball, our two very strong Year 8 teams competed for a crack at the title in an effort to make it through to Regional level. Our two sides were in opposite pools and managed to successfully beat their opposition and make it through to an all MGC grand final. In the end, the MGC A team came out the victors after what was the ‘best’ game to watch for the day as quoted by many onlookers from other schools in our division. Thanks to Emily Wong, Brydie Murphy, Katelyn Walters and Leigh Hanley for helping with roles on the day. 


A massive shout out to our 8 student umpires for the day for their professionalism over the day. Rebecca Gibson & Abi Marsland, Georgia Moulton and Charlotte Thondan for the A games. 


Well done as well to our 8 social teams who enjoyed the day out with the friends at MGC. All who were very successful against other schools. Well done to Freya Trounce, Sophia Qureshi, Georgia Goudie, Violet Lorenz, Eva Goudie, Jose Lennon, Phoebe Bullock and Jade Simoni for helping throughout the day.



Our teams drove up to Reservoir college to compete against the other Year 8 teams from the schools in our division. Mr. Dorney coached our A team to success as we defeated Uni High in the final game of the day. A wonderful effort from Nora Dandurand, Imogen Ineson, Clara Dandurand and Isha Jain on their success. 



It was a busy day for our soccer players as they went to work in Prince Park. The word of the day was ‘team’ and a team effort it was with all games not scoring a single goal against MGC. Scores included: 12 – 0 in game 1, 3 – 0 in game 2 and 9 – 0 in game three. This amazing effort has now seen our Year 8 team go through to regional level later in term 3.



Upcoming Sport: *Pending COVID lock down*

  • Week 7 – Wednesday | Division X- Country at Princes Park – most likely postponed
  • Week 8 – Sport free week
  • Week 9 – Thursday | Year 7 Sport day
  • Week 10 – Monday | Senior Sport (term 3), Tuesday | Junior AFL, Wednesday | Regional X- Country, Thursday | Senior AFL – Regional event