Acting Principal’s Report

Andrew Arney

In this newsletter, I wanted to celebrate Melbourne Girls' Colleges' relationship with the Richmond and Melbourne Rotary clubs. There has been a long-standing collaboration between Rotary and MGC, and I know that the work we have done together has enriched both groups immensely.


Last week we held our annual year Ten mock job interviews. This program involves students writing resumes in Wellbeing class and then learning about and practicing interview skills. These applications are then shortlisted and the successful applicant's given live interview experience by a panel of volunteer Rotarians and their business connections. The students are given feedback and valuable practice in this important life skill, and everyone found the experience both daunting and empowering. Congratulations to everyone who participated, and a huge thanks to Mella Pescos, Erin Edgely, Anna Crosswhite, Tonia Douglas-Scarfe, and the year 10 wellbeing teachers for their support of the students in preparing for this opportunity.


Last night I also had a very great privilege of attending the Ainger Peck public speaking awards run by Richmond Rotary. The judges spoke at the start of the evening about the power of public speaking, bemoaning that many of history's greatest orators are ones who used this ability to oppress others. They urged the contestants to use their skills towards positive change, and after seeing these students speak I am confident our future is in good hands. Aside from listening to 10 magnificent speeches, these awards made it very clear that the young people of today are more socially aware and more active in pursuing societal change than probably any generation in the last forty years, and that can only be a good thing for us all.

At MGC, this was further highlighted through the massive student attendance at the 'School Strike for Climate' last Friday. As a school, we encourage student voice and students standing up for their beliefs, and this was yet another example of how our MGC students are leading the way as global citizens and moral leaders. I’d like to congratulate our students and their families for their support of this event!


Have a great week