Combined Campus Reports

Eat Right to Stay Bright!

Well done to Prep VK for continuing to bring healthy snacks and lunches each day.


Mrs Bronwyn van Dyk

Prep VK Teacher

The Eyes Have It

Eye do believe during science in Week 8, Year 9 students were star pupils, when they had the opportunity to dissect a cow’s eye. A cow’s eye is very similar to a human eye, which has been part of our previous learning about our five senses. Students dissected the eye and identified the following parts: the lens, vitreous humour, sclera, the optic nerve and the iris. 


Each of the eye parts were discussed including how they work and what role they play in the function of the eye. Students were able to use the lens of the cow’s eye as a magnifying glass to help them read the fine print of a newspaper. What a great experience, go Year 9 star pupils!


Mr Scott Camps

Year 9 Science Teacher

First Fleet History

This term, year 4s have been learning about the First Fleet and what houses looked like in early settlement times. Students made amazing models of houses for their projects. 


Amariah, Lily and Jacob are showing off their amazing First Fleet houses. 


Miss Jasmine Keecher

Year 4K Teacher

Master Chef Bake Off

On Thursday the NWS Year 6's completed another Master Chef challenge.


This week they were baking a Cream Cheese Banana Bread.


Well done to all the Year 6's for a great effort!


Mr Nigel Eales

Year 6E Teacher

NWS Knitter's Club

To All Those Knitters Out There!

Hi everyone, I have good news! The NWS Knitters Club will start again on Friday 17th July and we will meet in the dining room. Please bring along your wool, knitting needles and your SMILE! Looking forward to seeing you all then.


Mrs Cate Parkinson

The first soil is turned on Officer Primary Upgrade project

On Friday 19 June, members of the Heritage College council, representatives from Adventist Schools Victoria and student leaders gathered to commemorate the building upgrade to Officer Primary.


Building works officially commenced at Officer on Tuesday with temporary fencing installed to the building areas and project signage at the front gate. 


Project masterplans will be available to view at Officer reception in Term 3 with a new page on our website dedicated to project updates. 


Mrs Fiona Spence

Community Engagement

Scholastic Book Club

Thank you for all your Scholastic Book Club orders for Issue 4. Orders have been processed on our end and we hope to have these arrive before the end of school this term, just in time for school holiday reading.


Each order placed earns rewards for the school to use on Scholastic items and we thank you for your contribution.  


Orders from issue 4 earned the school the following rewards to build our library:

  • Officer Campus:  $86 Scholastic Reward Money
  • Narre Warren Campus: $117 Scholastic Reward Money

If you missed out on ordering from the last two issues, you are able to do so via the LOOP app on your mobile device. Orders placed after a due date will be delivered to you directly at your home from Scholastic and will include an added postage fee.


We look forward to sharing Issue 5 with you at the beginning of Term 3. We appreciate your support.


Your Book Club Coordinators,

Penny Tan and Kylie-Ann Martin

Science Department Update

A lot has happened in the Science Department since the resumption of classes for the whole school when all students returned in Week 9. Our Year 7s have moved on to their next strand in Science (Physics, Biology and Chemistry) to begin their next 10 weeks cycle between Mr. Capon, Mr. Kama and Ms. Jacob from Week 10. They will continue for the next 8 weeks in Term 3 before their final swap over towards the end of Term 3 and continue for the rest of Term 4. The Year 7s have adapted well to this arrangement in Science and have enjoyed the subject so far. 


The COVID 19 restrictions have limited our chances in carrying out scheduled science experiments. However, whenever we facilitate a laboratory practical, all of our students need to be protected by wearing protective masks and full laboratory gear so that we can minimise any chances of transmission. Here is our Year 8 Science Class in action during an experiment last week. 


Mr John Kama

Secondary Science Teacher