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How Things Work: A Sewing Machine

Getting to know ‘how things work’ was an interesting activity for our Kinder 3 and 4 Groups this week. 


Miss Jess brought in her sewing machine to demonstrate how sewing a garment is undertaken. The children participated in some tactile activities, which included feeling different textures of materials and touching and comparing different buttons. Miss Jess then showed the interested children how the foot pedal works and turned a single sheet of fabric into a little slipcase and completed it with a little button to keep it closed. 


This activity tied in with the bible unit, where we have been learning about Dorcas. She helped those that were sick by cooking them food and giving them clothes. With this activity, the children were able to see how clothes are made before they go to the shops.


We also spoke about how we could help others, even if we don’t know how to make clothes ourselves. This led to the discovery that clothes could be donated if we have grown out of them.  


Thanks for showing the children how a sewing machine works, Miss Jess!


Miss Vanessa

Kindergarten Teacher 

Winter Holidays are Coming


Holidays are coming... time to plan for Vacation Care!

With term drawing to a close, it's important to start planning some fun over the holiday period - and let parents get some work done!


Officer campus provides a full Vacation Care program that runs during the holidays. There are two weeks full of activities planned, including Craft Day, Trivia Day, LEGO competitions, Kids’ Choice Day, Music Incursion and Pancake Day.


Who can take part in the program?

Vacation Care is open to all primary students at Heritage College. Primary aged children who are not currently students of Heritage College are welcome to attend, however, they need to complete a registration form prior to attending the program.


Choose the days that work for you. 

You can choose the whole program, or just choose the days that work for you. Simply notify the Vacation Care team when you register.


It's affordable. 

With subsidies of between 60-85% available for most families, Vacation Care is an affordable option at between $13-$34 per day (depending on subsidy rates available to each family from CCS).


How do I register?

Simply pick up a registration form available at reception, complete and return. Our friendly Vacation Care Team members will be in touch to discuss further. For more information, email


Download the full Winter Vacation Care program here. 


We can't wait to see you over the holidays!


Miss Kellie and the Vacation Care Team