Principal's Message

Hooray we made it!  Welcome to Week 11.


Learning at Heritage College

I have spent a lot of time looking at the data from NAPLAN tests from the past several years and I am amazed all over again at the tremendous learning that takes place with Heritage College students. “Yes but you’re biased” I hear you say. While that accusation may be true, the data tells a story all on its own. Have a look at the data just from the past two years at Heritage College. 


Graph 1:  The Comparison of Learning Growth at Heritage College vs the State Average


Even if you just take a quick glance at this graph, you should be able to tell that Heritage College (blue) growth rates are better than the state growth rates (orange) for students in Year 3 (2017) who became Year 5’s in 2019.  


You will notice that in Reading, Writing, Spelling and in Mathematics our students made significant improvements. Now, if that is impressive to you, have a look at the growth in the next few year groups. 


In looking over these very simple graphs you will notice again that Heritage College growth rates (blue bars) are above that state growth (orange) in every subject tested in NAPLAN for the Year 5’s (2017) who became Year 7’s in 2019.  Now that is amazing!


Again if you take a cursory glance at the Year 7 to 9 growth rate you’ll notice that the Heritage College growth rate (again the blue bars), are higher than the state growth rate (again orange bars) in most of the subjects tested in NAPLAN for Years 7 to 9 students too.  


Now surely that is something to be proud of and to shout from the rooftops.  I suppose the best way to do that is to have someone else shout it for you. Take a look again at what was published last year in the Herald Sun and The Age:


Do you remember this publication? Heritage College was named in this paper as one of the top schools in Victoria for adding value to their students in most areas of the curriculum, measured by the NAPLAN assessment test. 


So what does that tell me?  It tells me that the longer you remain at Heritage College, the more value we can add to your child’s learning. This ultimately allows our students to have much better options at the end of their schooling to be all that God wants them to be in society. Now that is something to share!  

Listen out for further restrictions

Families please listen out for further restrictions especially in the Casey area. The Heritage College leadership team met and discussed what we would do if the state government were forced to issue another lockdown for schools.  We would definitely have to communicate that to all families very quickly.  We are unsure if this will happen, but we are more than ready to act if it does.  So please keep your ear to the ground (or at least to your phone), and be ready for an sms or email to inform you what the school will do. 

Stay Safe

Families please stay safe as you travel to see family and friends, even if it is just around the corner or in the city.  I will be praying for all of our families to have a safe holiday and staff also to have a restful break.  


Next term is going to be awesome!  See you all then. 


God bless one and all.  


Mr Sonny Aiono