Weekly Wellbeing 

Another ‘Chapter’

Please read the attached poem ‘Autobiography in Five Short Chapters’ (It won’t take you long!)


I love this poem and cannot count the ways in which I have used it over the years. I never get tired of reading it, because I can always apply it to an area of my life (sometimes multiple!). These few lines represent the ‘streets’ that we often find ourselves in, but at the same time give us hope that with some honest reflection and determination, we can change. 

As you reflect on the words of this poem, remember that change is not always a physical thing. Sure, we can make choices to avoid or go to certain places, connect with or disconnect from people that influence us, but sometimes the ‘different street’ is about seeing the situation that we find ourselves in from a different perspective. 

As we all embark on a new ‘chapter’ of COVID Restrictions, I encourage you to reflect on what worked and what didn’t and then make an intentional decision to ‘walk down a different street’. I know that I will be! 

We are so fortunate!

On an almost daily basis, I am sent resources designed to support people who are on numerous life journeys. We are so fortunate to be in a country, state and municipality that is so well resourced! Attached are a number of informative flyers that you might find helpful during this time. To help you to discern which ones to open, I have included a short summary of what you will find.

1.  Information about an online workshop ‘Anxious Kids – from anxiety to resilience’ facilitated by Dr Jodi Richardson on Wednesday 26th August from 7pm-8.30pm. There is a cost of $10 for this one. I have already registered!


2.  Multiple ParentZone information and activity booklets for all different ages. I have also included the 0-4yrs and teenage booklets, as I know that some of our families have children in these age brackets too.


3.  Telephone numbers and online supports that can be accessed if you or your children need them.


4.  Partners in Wellbeing Flyer and Referral form.


5.  Maroondah Community Assist information if you require food parcels or food for your pet.


As always, please be assured of our continued support of you and your children. Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s classroom teacher or Carol Wyatt for any Wellbeing related concerns.

Until next time,

Julie Reid

Julie Reid  -  Student Wellbeing Officer