Principal's Report 

From Christian's desk....

Remote Learning 2.0

We’re reloaded and ready to go again!

Over the past week our community has collectively reset and prepared for Remote Learning 2.0! 

I’d like to wish all families and staff well as we commit to the next period of educating and shaping the lives of our students. 

I’d also like to thank two teams that have set us up for success. 

Firstly, our staff have been wonderful in their approach to the next steps in our journey. This extends from our teachers and Education Support staff who have been preparing the educational and wellbeing programs, to our Administration team who have so ably and capably supported the distribution of digital technology, parent requests and concerns. A special mention to our OSHC team who, this week, took a considerable load off the teaching staff by leading the Care and Supervision program of those students who could not stay home;  supported by teachers, they planned and prepared each day, ensuring those children were kept active and engaged. 

Secondly, thanks to our parents and carers.  Led by CHAPS, you have been a pillar of strength and support of our school over the past four months.  As a school principal I am so incredibly proud of our loyal and passionate parent group and the unwavering support you have shown to our school.  Life has been made so much easier by our positive home-school relationship. 

Specific arrangements for care, supervision, teaching and learning for Remote Learning. 

  • All students will be learning from home except for those that are not able to be supervised at home and no other arrangements can be made, OR, they are eligible as they are deemed vulnerable (Out of Home Care, Indigenous, or a child with a disability).
  • Once again our school will deliver our educational program to all learners via our Remote Learning Website. The site will house explicit teaching videos and accompanying learning engagements for literacy, numeracy, Inquiry and the specialist teaching areas of Indonesian, Performing Arts, Physical Education, Visual Arts and Science (Senior School).
  • Learning will be enhanced by supporting :
    • Remote learners with face-to-face teaching, learning and feedback via Google Meets.
    • Onsite learners with face to face teaching, learning and feedback in the classroom.   All learners will submit work in a consistent fashion. Years 1 – 6 students will submit work on a ‘Google Slide’ Learning Portfolio and Prep students will submit work via their ‘ClassDojo’ Learning Portfolio.
    • All learners will engage in our alternate learning program on Fridays which consists of:
      • Optional extension literacy and numeracy tasks.
      • Catch-up time to complete unattended to learning tasks. To ensure success, individual students will be supported virtually by staff.
      • Friyay Funday tasks, including Project Based Learning days and themed days like Science Day and Positive Education Day.

Virtual Attendance for Remote Learning offsite

  • Students who are learning from home (full-time) will attend:
    • at least four 30-minute Google Meets per week delivered by their classroom teacher. This may consist of:
      • two small group (3 - 9 students) focus lessons with explicit teaching and support in Literacy and Numeracy. Depending on the class, these will be on either Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday. Class teachers will circulate their timetables.
      • two whole class meets with a dual purpose of engagement in learning and social connection. Again depending on the class, these will be on either Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday. Class teachers will circulate their timetables.
    • A 30 minute Google Meet for each Specialist subject.
    • All large group Google Meets have a regular set time. eg:
      • Prep Specialist lessons are at 12:10 Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
      • Junior Specialist lessons are at 1:00 Monday - Thursday
      • Middle Specialist lessons are at 12:10 Monday - Thursday
      • Senior Specialist lessons are at 1:00 Monday – Friday   Each Home Group’s whole class Google Meet will be at set times on either Tuesday & Thursday or Monday & Wednesday. Class teachers will distribute their timetables.

Physical Attendance for Remote Learning onsite 

  • Families seeking onsite supervision for their children will be required to fill the Onsite Attendance Form requesting on-site supervision. Parents/Carers need to complete one form per child, per week.  A new attendance form link will be distributed each Thursday.   Click here for 20-24 July.  Completing this onsite attendance form is confirmation of attendance. The school trusts parents/carers to comply with State government regulations around school attendance, as listed above.
  • All Out of School Hours Care on-site attendance bookings are to be made via email or phone 9724 4514.
  • Students attending onsite learning will not virtually attend live remote learning lessons. They will be catered for in the same way with onsite face to face teaching and learning. They will learn in their regular ‘block’.  ie: Prep students will learn in the Prep classrooms, Junior in Junior, Middle in Middle and Senior students in the Senior classrooms.  Similarly, they will be taught by teachers from that learning level.
  • Whilst students onsite will have the opportunity to engage with others, to ensure students onsite do not feel social disconnection from their peers, if the need arises, they may be involved in a ‘virtual playdate’ with their classmates.
  • All hygiene practices from COVID-19 Re-entry plan remain in place.

Student arrival and departure procedures for onsite learners

School arrival:

  • All Out of School Hours Care arrivals are to use the Stadium entrance. Students will be temperature checked on arrival.
  • Students will be expected at school at the time nominated on their Onsite Attendance Form.
  • Students attending Out of School Hours Care will be escorted to the Canteen Courtyard by OSHC staff at 8:45am.
  • Students arriving for the start of the school day, who are capable of entering or exiting the school without adult supervision, are to enter using either Gate 1 or Gate 2.  Parents/carers driving these students to school are asked to stay in the car. 
  • Students arriving for the start of the school day, who require adult support to be walked through the school gates, are to use the Drop Off Zone.  A duty teacher will meet them at their car.   Parents/carers are asked to stay in the car. 
  • Students who are arriving at an irregular time, as nominated on their Onsite Attendance Form, are to be dropped off at the school Administration car park. Parents/carers will have reserved car parks.  Parents/carers are asked to walk students to the Administration doors but not enter the building.
  • All students will be temperature checked as they enter the school.

School departure:

  • Students attending Out of School Hours Care will be escorted to OSHC by school staff at 3:30pm.
  • Unless an alternate time is nominated on their Onsite Attendance Form, students will be dismissed at 3:30pm and exit the school using either Gate 1, 2 or 8.  Parents meeting their children are asked to have a designated meeting point and not congregate at the gates.  Just like regular schooling, some students may have family arrangements where they walk/ride home.
  • Students who are departing at an irregular time will be ready at the school Administration office at the time nominated on the digital Onsite Attendance Form. Parents/carers will have reserved car parks at the Administration car park and are asked to call the school office on 9725 1206 to announce their arrival. Students will be escorted to their cars by staff.


  • All visitors must report to the Administration Office.
  • Visitors to school grounds will be limited to those delivering or supporting essential school services and operations (e.g. student health and wellbeing services, maintenance workers).
  • Additional volunteers, including parent volunteers, will not be attending school at this time.
  • Parents/carers wishing to discuss any matters with a staff member are to first use the options of either a phone call, video call or email. If a face-to face meeting is needed, it must be approved by the principal and meet the physical distancing requirements of 1.5m between adults.

Looking after each other

I encourage all members of our adult school community to take the time to read Julie Reid's Weekly Wellbeing page this week.  It is full of down-to-earth, practical advice for ways to navigate these challenging times. 

Christian Holdsworth  -  Principal