From our Assistant Principal 

In these uncertain times I thought the article below contained an important message. In these COVID times we can only ask children to play in their back yards or in the house with their siblings but that is still so beneficial for them. Having fun and playing is very important.


We all like to have fun, but did you know there is scientific research proving the positive power of play? “Life can hurt, play can heal”. Here are some of the many ways science says that play leads to healing in children and youth. 

Play keeps the doctor away. Play keeps us moving and active, which helps children maintain fitness and a healthy body weight. 

Play can help to heal broken relationships. Building positive memories together during playtime is a powerful way to strengthen relationships. Over time, playing together builds trust and binds people together in healthy ways.

Play bolsters emotional health by helping children overcome insecurities and gain confidence. When children take risks and overcome challenges in their pretend worlds (dolls, LEGO, games, role plays), they learn skills to overcome real world challenges.

Play reduces strains on a child’s mental health. Laughter and play are healthy ways to minimise stress, which can lead to anxiety, depression, and illness. Children and teens with healthy outlets for active play also learn to manage their energy and emotions more effectively.

Play actually helps the brain grow. The more experiences a child has, the more connections (synapses) the brain cells will make. The more connections, the more effectively the brain works. 

Play reduces violence by helping children practise and refine social skills. As children learn to resolve conflicts, persuade teammates, and play fair in their game-time, they are learning valuable skills to reduce aggression in schools, sports and families.

So “Go outside and play” may be yet another piece of timeless wisdom from our parents and grand-parents.

Acknowledgement: Ann Saylor, Parent Further

Flourishing Families

Croydon Hills Primary has been very lucky to be offered the Flourishing Families Program, facilitated by Edwina Ricci. There will be four sessions run by Zoom from 7.30-9.00pm, beginning next Thursday.  I strongly encourage parents to take advantage of this unique opportunity and suggest you book in early if you would like to be part of the program.  For more information please open the following attachment, which contains a link to book in through Eventbrite.


Carol Wyatt  -    - Assistant Principal