Religious Education


For the children who are currently enrolled in our Sacramental Program, the Sacraments are still postponed at this stage but we do endeavour to continue with them as soon as we can.  I hope that by the start of Term 3 we will have something in place or at least a further update for you all.  Thank you for your patience.


Due to the restrictions regarding COVID -19 all Mass and Liturgies for the near future will be cancelled.


A letter regarding the Parish from Father Andrew

Please read this letter regarding the Parish from the Administrator of the parish.


Prayer focus for July   

Pope Francis’ prayer intention for July is for Families.  


We pray that today's families may be accompanied with love, respect and guidance. 

REFLECTION by Dianne Bergant CSJ

 In this weeks readings we hear how the Spirit of God dwells in all of us, helping us in our weakness. The first disciples had Jesus to explain the parables; we have the Spirit to enlighten us. It is the Spirit who helps us to interpret the teaching of Jesus and to be receptive to the challenges that they pose.

The presence of sinners in the kingdom of God is often a stumbling block to good people. There will be a time for separation and judgment, but the time is not now. This means that the righteous will have to live with the sinner and, even more challengingly, show them the same kind of concern that they show to others. The presence of sinners does not necessarily erode the quality of the kingdom. Rather, it provides disciples an opportunity to rise to the occasion of generosity and forgiveness.

There are two images of judgment in the readings. The one in the gospel is terrifying and decisive. The wicked are bound together into bundles and readied for burning. We must remember that this is a parable. In the first reading and in the psalm response the justice of God is said to be lenient, clement and kind. The power of God is demonstrated not in retribution but in mercy. God is said to be ‘merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in kindness and fidelity’, and repentance is a very real possibility. This is the image that gives us hope.