Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Hope you like these jokes 

21. What did the limestone say to the geologist?

Don’t take me for granite!


22. What do you call a duck that gets all A’s?

A wise quacker.


23. Why does a seagull fly over the sea?

Because if it flew over the bay, it would be a baygull.


24. What kind of water cannot freeze?

Hot water.


25. What kind of tree fits in your hand?

A palm tree!


26. Why did the cookie go to the hospital?

Because he felt crummy.


27. Why was the baby strawberry crying?

Because her parents were in a jam.


28. What did the little corn say to the mama corn?

Where is pop corn?


29. What is worse than raining cats and dogs?

Hailing taxis!


30. How much does it cost a pirate to get his ears pierced?

About a buck an ear.