Senior Secondary News

From the Head of Senior Secondary

Return to Senior School

We are delighted to have all Years 11/12, along with our Year 10 VCE students, return to North Campus. The excitement was palpable in the yard, the corridors and classrooms as students resumed their face-to-face lessons. We look forward to seeing all of our Year 10 students return on 9 June.


A few measures that we have in place in order to care for each other and for our extended community include:

  • Bring a labelled drink bottle which can be refilled
  • Wash hands after breaks and before lunch
  • Follow correct hand washing, and cough/sneeze protocols
  • Be outside in the fresh air at recess and lunch times
  • Keep social distance at recess and lunch
  • No physical contact with each other
  • In the classrooms space out according to available space.

Please note that social distancing will be encouraged - this is an acceptable and advisable practice as many of our students are young adults. We must all respect the right of others to social distance. Students and teachers will have their own reasons, which may include underlying issues for their own health or that of family members.


Winter uniform - ties are not compulsory during Term 2.


If students are unwell they must stay home.


Report Writing Day - Student free day for Senior Secondary

Friday 5 June is Report Writing Day for Senior Secondary. Zoom sessions will not be conducted on Friday for Year 10 students. 

We look forward to the return to the College of all Senior Secondary students on 9 June.


Sign in and out station

The new sign in and out station is located near Mrs Cooper and Mrs Campbell's office. Visitors to North campus and students who arrive outside normal hours sign in/out there.


With the permission of parents and carers, VCE students are permitted to study at home once their scheduled classes are completed for the day. Please email Mr Alley or me to indicate the times each week that your student will be leaving for home study.


Sharyn Hadlow

Head of Senior Secondary

Updated VCE Exam Period & GAT Date

Written exams will be conducted between 9 November and 2 December 2020, so that ATAR scores can be calculated and VCE and VCAL students will receive their results before the end of 2020.


The VCE exam schedule will be published on the VCAA website following the Minister’s announcement. The date for the General Achievement Test has also now been confirmed as Wednesday 9 September 2020. Specific information on the VCE exam timetable will be provided before the start of Term 3.


Chris Alley

Years 10-12 Coordinator

Spotted on North Campus 

Year 12s enjoying the beautiful baby ducks on North side on their first day back! 




It was SO GREAT to have Years 10/11 students back in the classroom for their Unit 1 VCE study of Health and Human Development this week. Kudos to the students who did so well in Zooms, but nothing beats face-to-face teaching and learning!


Students are currently researching a youth health issue and presenting their findings on a poster including data, programs to support youth, impacts on health, and a biblical perspective on the issue. Issues being investigated include:

  • illegal drugs
  • alcohol
  • weight issues
  • tobacco smoking
  • injuries
  • sexual health
  • food allergies.

Then we start exploring the transition from youth to adulthood, including the responsibilities of becoming a parent. Look out for these students becoming parents to 'virtual babies' next term. 


Rachelle Cooper

Secondary Teacher

Year 11 VCAL is Back

Year 11 VCAL resumed classes this week and the students did a brilliant job. They were eager to learn and connect with each other. We processed through many themes of social isolation, using an amazing poem called ‘The Great Realisation’. Students discussed things they learned during isolation and what they’d like to keep from this experience. We also looked at placement options for the recently constructed bird and possum boxes (see photos) and started preparation for the upcoming assessment panel. The class was amazing and I’m so thrilled to be back working with the students face-to-face. 


Ken Berry

VCAL Teacher



Although we developed some great new strategies over the period of remote learning, it is a true pleasure to be back face-to-face with the students. I have enjoyed expanding my repertoire of video instructions and Zoom tutorials. The students’ responses to these have been many and varied, with some students relishing the opportunity to work in a silent environment, and others struggling to get anything done without the teacher there to encourage them. The transition back to classroom learning will take some time to get used to a “New Normal” again; trying to work while your friend is sitting right next to you, enjoying the dulcet tones of your classroom teacher’s instructions when you can’t turn down the volume!


Paul Mathews

Secondary Maths Teacher

Students Teaching Students

Karina (College Captain) is one of many students who completed an accelerated VCE subject - a Year 12 subject - while in Year 11. I invited Karina, now in Year 12, into my current Unit 3 HHD class to clarify some sticky points. She did an outstanding job explaining the 'Social Model of Health' and we were all so grateful for her tips and interpretation.


Rachelle Cooper

Year 10 Science

Over the course of this term, the Year 10 Science students have delved into the interesting world of Genetics. After creating DNA models and posters to explain Mitosis, students filmed a video about Meiosis and completed an online test. This week, we tackled our final Genetics assessment task, by creating vegetable parents and offspring, using various character traits. This assisted the students in learning key terminology like alleles, genotype and phenotype, and to be able to complete Punnett Squares. Due to distance learning, the students chopped and built their vegetable people during a Zoom session and took photos of their finished parents. The design of the offspring then depended on what character traits the students had chosen to be dominant and which to be recessive. Some vegetable babies had long arms and green olive eyes, others carrot feet and green capsicum hair. Upon completion of the Zoom, the year 10s then independently completed the written part of the assessment, including designing one line of offspring with random character traits they picked by tossing a coin. 


Distance learning has at times been challenging, and I for one have missed being able to carry out practical investigations in the classroom face-to-face, but this particular assessment task was a success and a lot of fun to complete together!


Ulli Austermann

Secondary Teacher

Applied Learning @ Bayside

VCAL and VET are both off and running in this post-COVID time.


Year 12 Industry Electives have kicked off, with Building/Maintenance making a beautiful park bench and tables frequented by our great teachers, and the cafe finding customers - in a physically distant spacing but a socially connected way. Thank you so much to our customers this week who have supported us.


VCAL Assessment Panels will run the last week of term:

Year 12 - 22 June

Year 11 - 22 & 23 June

Year 10 - 23 June


I am really looking forward to the reflections and growth our students will identify and present on.


Our VET courses have resumed normal times and class sizes, after reductions during the remote learning period. Classes feel full, both in terms of people and in terms of enthusiasm.


Olivia Williams

Applied Learning Coordinator


Psychology Students Return!

It was quite uplifting to see all the students in VCE Psychology classes in person once again this week - I missed their faces! I am proud of how well they managed to organise their at-home schooling - preparing for Zoom classes, completing learning tasks and studying for SACs.


This week Unit 3 students will be reviewing SAC results and finishing off the last topic, "Reconstructed Memories" - it’s very interesting and relevant for us all to know about: Elizabeth Loftus: How reliable is your memory? | TED Talk, and then completing a Unit 3 progress exam next week.


The Unit 1 students are making concept posters as consolidation of the learning they completed away from school, and these will be displayed on our classroom wall. If anyone would like to see an overview of Developmental Psychology please visit N6 soon!


Catherine Cloherty

Psychology Teacher

Year 10 Trebuchet

Year 10 Design Technology students were given the task of building a trebuchet as part of their study design for 2020. A trebuchet (French trébuchet) is a type of catapult that uses a long arm to throw a projectile.


Working remotely Chris has certainly "nailed" this task!


Daniel Briglia

Secondary Teacher