Primary News

From the Head of Primary

The Prep-Year 2 students have settled back into face-to-face teaching really well and their teachers are very happy to have them back as well! They are showing great independence in walking up to their classrooms without their parents every morning. We are very appreciative of the cooperation being shown by families with the new drop-off and pick-up arrangements. The staff are really looking forward to seeing the return of the Years 3-6 students. It cannot be stressed enough that we need to continue to make sure that we all respect social distancing as a way of showing our care of others. The following reminders are listed again, particularly for the benefit of Years 3-6 families:


1. Normal Routines - in the week prior to the return to school, try to get back into normal bedtimes, and meal times if your family has been operating on a different schedule during remote learning.


2. Organise Materials - all materials that were sent home for remote learning need to be returned with your child. This includes textbooks and pencil cases. Check that Library books are also ready to return.


3. Drink Bottle - each child will need a water bottle. The bubbler taps have been turned off for hygiene purposes.


4. Handwashing and Sanitising - discuss with your child(ren) the need to regularly wash or sanitise their hands when returning to school and throughout the school day.


5. Uniforms - students will wear winter uniforms, unless it is their scheduled PE day, when they return to face-to-face learning.


6. Unwell Children - please do not send your child(ren) to school if they are unwell.


7. Years 5/6 Chromebooks - for the remainder of Term 2, students will have to bring the fully charged Chromebook everyday and take it home to charge at night. On the final day of Term 2, Friday 26 June, students need to bring the Chromebook chargers back to school as they will be reinstalled into the charging cabinets over the holiday break. Students must take care when transporting the Chromebooks to and from school. They need to be secured in their school bags and to make sure that their bag is handled carefully at all times to prevent damage to the Chromebook.


8. Drop off - parents are encouraged to drop off their children each morning and students walk to class by themselves. There will be staff to support students from the crossing to the classroom if any young ones are not used to walking up there by themselves. 


9. Pick-up - from 3:00-3:15pm, Primary parents may pick up their child from the classroom, respecting social distance in the process. At 3:15pm, parent access near the classrooms will cease as the rest of the Primary school students will be dismissed. Parents are encouraged to stay near their cars and wave if their children are old enough to come to the car by themselves. Arrange for older siblings to escort younger siblings to the car where possible. Teachers will help guide children to where their parents are standing on the car park median strips.


10. Primary Playground - it will be closed after school as families are requested to go straight home.


11. Signage - please follow the signage that has been erected to support the flow of pedestrian traffic.


12. Canteen - reopens on Tuesday 9 June. Only lunch orders will be available to Primary students until further notice. 


Please pray for the students, families and staff, that the smooth transition to face-to-face learning continues, and that our Bayside Community stays well.


God bless you all,


Glenys Bailey

Head of Primary

National Simultaneous Story Time



Last Wednesday we participated in the National Simultaneous Story Time. We watched the video of the book, "Britney and Whitney Chicken Divas" being read by the author Lucinda Gifford. The class completed a range of activities including a book review, a character review and some "funky chickens".


Here are some pictures during it and the end result of Year 1/2B's "funky chickens".



Nicole Bolden

Primary Teacher

Hot Chocolate on a Cold Day

On Thursday, Mrs DeHaan organised a surprise hot chocolate for all the Prep-Year 6 students onsite. It was a very cold day and the hot chocolates were received very gratefully. 


On Thursday Mrs DeHaan and Mr Klan made really good hot chocolates for us! They were nice and warm, and I loved the melted marshmallows. Thank you Mr Klan and Mrs De Haan. Levi 


It was a surprise to get hot chocolates! They were better than my Dad's! Thank you Mr Klan and Mrs DeHaan and God bless you. Hannah 


Music Fun in Prep...

Prep music classes had fun tossing a beanbag high in the air.


And Tiger Toast!

This week the Prep classes are learning about the letter T. Prep M made 'Tiger Toast' - yum!


Donna Martin

Prep-Year 2 Coordinator

Maker Space

On Wednesday, we took the Years 3-6 essential worker students down to the Maker Space. Mrs Bernon introduced the students to 'Dash' (the coding robot), and we proceeded to make obstacle courses for Dash to navigate through. We look forward to finishing them this week.


Caroline DeHaan

Primary Teacher

Gaga Pit

Keep an eye out for the gaga pit near the oval. It was installed recently and the kids are really enjoying it!


Art News

It was so exciting to finally be back in the Art room with the Prep students this week. We had fun drawing self portraits focusing on adding ‘detail’. The results were fabulous and are now on display in G block. We also began making some jellyfish, practising our skills in following instructions, gluing and cutting.


Caroline DeHaan 

Primary Art Teacher

Indonesian News

In week 6, students from Prep-Year 6 were assigned to cook ‘Nasi Goreng’ or fried rice for their dinner at home. They have done such an amazing job following the recipe to cook a meal for their family, with some making it more extravagant by adding extra vegetables, meat and seasoning. 


Week 7 was the first week back at school for our Years 1/2 students. During this week, they were introduced to an Indonesian traditional game called ‘Congklak’, or in some countries also known as ‘Mancala’. If you are interested or curious and want to give this game a go, you can download the game on your phone and play it digitally. Have fun!


Click here for the link to the app. 



Salam (regards), 


Ibu Newton (Mrs. Newton)

Indonesian Teacher

Remote Learning

Evan and William have been doing remote schooling this week at their grandparents‘ farm on the south coast of NSW. We have been learning about bushfire recovery and plant regrowth on their property, which was affected by fires earlier this year.


During remote learning we enjoyed a dress up for Zoom, taking a break with our puppy, writing spelling words with chalk in the driveway, dominoes and a couple of science experiments! 


McDonald Family


Kylie's Message


The Dixon Boys

9 am winning... 10 am losing!


Years 3/4 Enjoy Animal Themed Zoom


Years 5/6 Integrated Studies

Years 5/6 students completed their Integrated Studies topic 'Money, Media and Me' by creating a 3D cereal box. They had to decide on shape, target audience and also include five different ways to persuade a person to buy their product!


We look forward to the final products being displayed on our classroom walls next week!


Sara Wright

Years 3-6 Coordinator