From the Deputy's Desk

Reflect, Reset and Reconnect

We are so excited that as of Tuesday 9 June, the rest of our students in Years 3-10 will return to campus and we will return to face-to-face teaching for all. All classes will only be delivered on campus from this date, and all remote learning sessions and lesson materials will cease.


If you have a specific special request for remote support once your child's classes resume at school, please contact your relevant Head of School to discuss your circumstances. 


Remember: Monday 8 June is a public holiday and we will all be resting in preparation!


It is also important to take note that this time of remote learning and returning to school is a time of substantial change for all. I have pondered this, and would like you all to take this long weekend to do 3-Rs, in preparation: 


Reflect, Reset and Reconnect


Reflect: There have been significant changes in the last few months, including remote learning. Many parents and children will have learned many lessons that were not taught explicitly by their teachers. Take the time to reflect on what your children (and you) have learned about self in this time. Perhaps it is about the new ways children have taken responsibility for themselves through self-organisation and persistence, or ways that they have taken charge to maximise their learning. Take time to celebrate with your children how they have grown through this experience.

Reset: When we know change is coming, it helps to prepare our minds in readiness. Making physical adjustments such as returning to routine, resetting bed-times and wake-times, and preparing the school resources and uniforms so that the first day is not a rush, are all helpful ways to do this. It also helps to reset our thinking patterns. Discuss with your children what they will need to be thinking about to prepare their minds for returning to the daily school routines.


Reconnect: The time of isolation and remote learning may have caused some feelings of distance between students and teachers, and between students and their friends. God built us for relationships, and distance is difficult, so it is expected that there will be a degree of nerves or anxiousness for some students. Talk with your children about their perceptions and validate their feelings. Reassure them that they are not alone, and that the teachers are ready to welcome them back. It will only take a short time to also reconnect with friends. Perhaps organise a get-together outside of school with one or two friends in the next week or two to help build those relationships.


Have a fabulous long weekend and we can't wait to see you all again next week!

Free Dress Day

Last day of term - Friday 26 June - will be a free dress day, with a gold coin donation. Student leaders will be directing the donations to support different causes related to cancer research. More information will be sent out prior to the day.

School Photos

Our school Photo day has been rescheduled to Tuesday 28 July (Week 2, Term 3). Students should wear their full winter academic uniforms, including ties and blazers in Secondary. Please contact the uniform shop if you have any uniform needs to be prepared for this day.

Reporting Changes Reminder

This year, there will be a few changes to reports, in line with community consultation last year. Secondary reports will look very similar, but instead of seeing task results, you will see the outcomes for the Australian Curriculum with your child's performance against the Curriculum Standards and a comment from the teacher.


In Primary, the report has been significantly shortened, with one main comment and then the list of the Australian Curriculum areas with their outcomes for all the subjects.


Due to COVID-19 remote learning challenges, the Victorian Curriculum and Reporting Authority (VRQA) has granted the College exemptions from reporting against some subjects. Please see the communication from your Head of School which explains what is affected in each area.


Reports are expected to be released on the last day of term - Friday 26 June.


Toni Steinbergs

Deputy Principal