Principals' Message

A message from Alison and Lisa

Dear Parents/Carers,


We strongly encourage you to read our newsletter in full to ensure you are getting all the relevant information at this time. Please make yourself a cuppa, sit down and read the information provided so you are fully informed and up to date with what is happening at St Edward's School right now.


Back to School

As of next Monday 25th May St Edward's School will be open for ALL students at both campuses each day. We thank our families for their support over the past weeks with home learning and partial attendance and we congratulate our amazing staff on their hard work, professionalism and care of our students.  As leaders, we are proud of each and every one of our school community for the part each played in getting through this difficult time. 


Whilst this is a wonderful outcome, it is important that social distancing and good hygiene practice continue to be strictly maintained to ensure our staff and students remain safe and to prevent an outbreak of the Coronavirus. To that end we ask that parents remain vigilant by staying outside the school grounds during drop off and pick up and only entering our campuses via the office if needed. 


We continue to have hand sanitiser available to students, staff and parents as needed.  As stated previously, the school has also increased the cleaning schedule by sanitising classrooms, staff rooms and office areas that are in use during the day. We have increased signage around the school outlining correct hand washing, social distancing and coughing etiquette. Each classroom has their own bottle of hand sanitiser and this is refilled as required. Please note our school canteen will still only have lunch orders via the QKR app and no cash transactions. If you have any further concerns or queries regarding your child's attendance next week and beyond, please do not hesitate to contact us.




Three Way Learning Conversations - Semester 1 Reporting

This year we are conducting a Learning Conversation between the student, parent/carer and teacher. This will replace the written Semester 1 Report.  Three way conversations are an opportunity for learning to be discussed between students, parents/caregivers and teachers. The aim of these conferences is to celebrate success, highlight student strengths and current achievement and then determine the next learning steps. It also allows for student ownership of learning. Following these meetings parents/caregivers should have a clearer picture of their child’s developmental learning needs and goals for Semester 2. These conferences will be held during allocated times in Weeks 8 and 9 of Term 2. Parents will be informed of the process of how to make an interview via our online booking system. We look forward to these learning conferences and thank you for your on-going support in working together to provide quality educational opportunities for all our students.

Please make sure that you do make an appointment to engage in these very worthwhile learning conversations. 


Kinder 2021 Interviews

It's hard to believe but very shortly we will commence our Kindergarten 2021 interviews. This will include writing to each of our prospective 2021 Kindergarten families and organising times to meet and to tour our facilities. If you are aware of anyone wishing to enrol their child for 2021, but are yet to complete and hand in an enrolment form, please encourage them to contact our Infants Campus office as soon as possible to ensure they do not miss the opportunity for an interview. 


Winter Uniform

We wish to advise parents that the official date for changeover from summer to winter uniform is after the June long weekend (Tuesday 9th June).  However, as the weather has turned very chilly, we are now allowing students to wear either full winter (INCLUDING A TIE) or full summer uniform during this transition period. The following new school winter items are available for purchase:  jumper ($35), jacket ($70), tie ($25), girls navy knee high socks ($10), girls winter navy tights ($10), scarf ($10).  To help minimise parent contact, our preferred method of purchasing uniform items is via the Qkr! App and your clothing order will then be sent home with your child.


High-risk Students and Staff

Students who meet the NSW Health definition of ‘higher risk’ should not attend school for any reason. Students who are displaying any signs of illness must also remain at home. Please be aware that we have some members of staff at our school who meet the NSW Health definition of ‘higher risk’, and these staff members will continue to work from home. Staff will also be required to stay away from school if they are displaying any sign of illness. 


Health and Hygiene

We remind parents that your child’s mental health and well-being is an important consideration in the decision to have them return to school.   Centacare has expanded its services to ensure that support can still be provided during this period. Students are still able to access the free and confidential counselling service by calling Centacare Armidale on 6738 7200.


Students Who Become Unwell at School

In accordance with our school policy and existing procedures, students who become unwell at school will be moved to the sick bay. Parents will be called to collect students who are unwell.


Assisted School Travel Program (ASTP)

The Assisted School Travel Program (ASTP) continues to operate under the NSW Health social distancing and hygiene Guidelines. 


Out of School Hours Care 

Early Childhood Education and OOSHC Services are still considered an essential service by the Federal and State Governments and therefore will remain operational unless we are informed otherwise.


Term 2 Sport

All Diocesan and Inter Diocesan School Sport scheduled for Term 2 remain cancelled.


Have a great week everyone!


Alison Hatton and Lisa McSweeney