ASX Competition

ASX Sharemarket Competition

What a great start to GameStephen Khose in Year 8 is ranked 2nd in Australia out of 17,164 syndicates and 1st in Western Australia (WA). Rohan Hunter in Year 10 is coming 6th in WA and Cameron Pepper in Year 8 is 10th.  Mazenod has 12 syndicates in the WA top 100.


Students are given a virtual $50,000 to invest in Australian shares using an internet account. Prices and trading are based on the real market. However, gentlemen don’t count your chickens before they hatch, it is early days yet as the game doesn’t finish until May 15.


In this time of Lent, we should remind ourselves that money should be used to serve Grace, for example donating to Project Compassion. Great work so far gentlemen but always keep an eye on the Economic clock!


David Hiatt