Year 12 Outdoor Education

Week Seven saw Mr Websdale and Mr Vallis accompanying the Year 12 Outdoor Education class on their first expedition of the year. The destination, Rottnest Island for three days of applying the skills and knowledge learnt, for some over four years in Outdoor Education.



Day one saw the group set up camp and then do their first snorkel at the iconic Basin. It proved quite a relief for the group to swim in pristine waters and not just in the Mazenod pool. The group then decided to try their hands at fishing and caught a very respectable bag including, King George Whiting, Cobbler, Skippy, and Herring. The boys then headed back to camp to produce some quality camp cuisine before an early night in anticipation of what lay ahead the next day.



Day two started to the squawks of the resident crows but got better from thereon. Near perfect conditions allowed stunning snorkels on both the north and south sides of the island including the sites chosen by the group; Salmon Bay, Parker Point and Parakeet Bay. The highlight for many, however, was a night snorkel in the pitch black ocean. As soon as the dive torches went on the group's eyes were opened to a nocturnal world which very few visitors to Rottnest experience.


By day three we saw a very tired and weary group breaking camp, squeezing in one more quick fish and an opportunity to reflect on all they had learnt from this experience before a very pleasant and quiet journey back to Mazenod.


I personally would like to thank Angelo Vallis for accompanying the group on this expedition, Dave Vallis for his help with transport and most importantly the group for their company on this fantastic experience.


Ross Websdale

Health and Physical Education