From the Principal

Congratulations to all our swimmers, coaches and support staff on an outstanding performance in the ACC ‘B’ Division Swimming Carnival this week. Our team finished as the runner-up in the Boys' Overall Aggregate Shield. The result was a sign of the developing depth of our swim team. Thank you to Mr Liam Mallon (Class of 2006) Head Coach, Mr Chris Mason (Class of 2002) Sports Coordinator and Mr Michael Verran (Class of 2016) for the excellent swimming program this year


What was most pleasing to me was the dedication and sportsmanship shown by our team. Led by Captain, Joshua Pendal and senior swimmers, the team supported each other and recognised the successes of fellow competitors. At the end of the carnival, I was stopped by the announcer who wanted to convey to me his admiration for not only the boys’ efforts in the pool but the politeness and helpfulness of our student volunteers who acted as hosts for this year’s carnival.


The theme of Mazenod students’ respect and manners was also highlighted in an email I received last Sunday morning. As I mentioned in the 2021, Year 7 enrolment interviews with boys and prospective parents, the culture of respect, manners and a care for others has been built over a long period at Mazenod and relies on the commitment of parents, students and staff. A member of the public wanted our community to know the following:


"I am a retired senior and needed to catch the bus to Midland Station on Thursday 21st March.

I got on the 297 at Gooseberry Hill at 3:50, the bus was full of school children. Most of the students at the front of the bus were wearing Mazenod uniform.

As soon as I got on the bus, the young boys were making room for me (without being asked) so that I could move down the bus and a couple immediately offered their seats – one of which I was more than happy to accept.

I grew up in the era when school uniform was a matter of pride and one’s behaviour reflected on the school. Its pleasing to see that there are still parents and schools that hold courtesy and consideration in high regard and pupils who follow through with that behaviour.

So, well done to all concerned."

Open Day

On Thursday, 11 April we will host our annual Open Day at the College. This is a key community event in our calendar where we put on show the breadth and depth of the Mazenod Journey. Scenes from the upcoming production, Oliver!, musical items, art demonstrations, science displays, all learning area offerings, boarding, the Provence Design & Technology Centre, sport and Mazenod sporting clubs will be showcased between 3:30 – 6:00pm.


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Mazenod and St Brigid’s in Kukerin

This evening Mrs Carmen Cox, Principal of St Brigid’s, Mrs Anna-Maria Cream and Mr Tom Floyd, Boarding Heads of both colleges and I will be hosting current boarding families and parents interested in boarding at the property of the Nenke family (Mazenod) in Kukerin. Last year we began a program of local visits to rural and regional Western Australia to meet families and the Quairading and Perenjori visits were great events. This year we are excited to be visiting the area around Kukerin-Lake Grace as the ‘family option’ of St Brigid’s and Mazenod. Later in the year, Mazenod will be visiting Broome and Beagle Bay in the Kimberley to touch base with our Kimberley families.


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Enjoy your week ahead.


“Lord Jesus, I give you my hands to do your work.” – St Eugene de Mazenod.


Andrew Watson