Acting Principal Report

Mr Chris Grimmer

End of Term

Tomorrow, Friday 20th September is the last day of Term 3.  Students will be dismissed at the earlier time of 2.30pm.  The school buses will also run an hour earlier than usual and OSHC will finish at 5pm tomorrow.  Thank you to students, staff and community for making this such a successful term.  I wish all our staff, students and families a very safe and happy break.  School will resume for Term 4 on Monday, 7th October.

Next term will be another extremely busy time at Merbein P-10 College with our whole school review beginning in the second week of term, Outdoor Education camp, Grade 2 activity day and sleepover, Advance camp, Primary grandparents and special friends day, 5/6 camp, Variety Night, Prep practice, Year 9 camp and Awards night, just to name a few!! Please keep an eye on the school calendar so that you are aware of the activities that directly concern you and your children and feel free to contact the school if you have any questions relating to the various activities next term.

Buslink Sunraysia

On the last day of this school term, Friday 20th September 2019, the Victorian afternoon School Bus runs will commence one hour earlier than a regular school day.  

  • The NSW bus will depart at the normal time of 3.00pm.

NB: All public service routes will continue to run at their normal times as per the current timetable.

Any student that would normally catch connecting buses will be required to make their own arrangements.

Secondary Parent/Teacher Interviews

Thanks to all those students and parents who were able to make it to the interview evening that was held in the Blue Building from 4-7pm last night. Successful schooling is all about positive partnerships between school and families so it was great to see those relationships strengthened last night.

Parent Opinion Survey

This week we received the results from the recent parent opinion survey which was sent out to 150 randomly selected families. I would like to thank those families who took the time to complete the survey and provide us with valuable feedback relating to our school’s strengths and areas for improvement.

It was extremely pleasing to note that;

  • 86% of families responded positively to the statement – I am satisfied with the education my child receives from this school, 11% responded neutrally and only 2% responded negatively.
  • 89% responded positively to the school pride and confidence section, 9% neutral and 2% negatively.
  • 90% of families responded positively to the statement – My child feels safe at school, 7% neutral and 3% negatively.

Two way communication and feedback relating to student learning are two areas that we need to continue to work on and strengthen across the school according to our parent responses this year.

Reminder - Final Student Free Day for 2019

School Council has approved Monday 2nd December as the final student free day for 2019. Staff will be working on School Wide Positive Behaviours, Professional Learning Communities, School Review feedback and 2020 planning on this day.