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Winuk Rathnasinghe 0S7 


House: Pegasus  




Interviewed by Ms Pumphreys


What are your top 3 Sporting Achievements?

  • Chosen to represent Victoria in the Youth Under 21s Mens Team at 2020 Senior Australian Championships
  • Chosen to represent Victoria in the Under 19s Junior Teams at 2021 Junior/Senior Australian National Championships.
  • Ranked Top 10 in Victoria for both Under 18s and Youth Mens at the end of 2020.


Which Teams you’ve played for?

  • 2019 Victorian Junior State Team (Under 18s Boys)
  • 2020 Victorian Senior State Team (Under 21 Youth Mens) [Nationals cancelled, teams still selected]
  • 2021 Victorian Junior State Team (Under 19s Boys) [Nationals to commence December 11th]

What are your strengths of the Game :

  • Forehand Attack

Who are your Top Coaches or Influences in Sport?

  • Micheal Mastromonnaco. The head coach at Dandenong Table Tennis. He coached me to my first national championships in 2019 and have been a huge part of me becoming a better athlete.

Who are your Favourite Athletes and Why?

  • Ma Long. He has continuously proven himself again and again even after heart breaking loses. He has also overcome major injuruies and continued to compete.

What are your Memorable Sporting Moment?

  • Being selected to play at my first ever National Championships for Victoria for the Under 18s Team.

 What are your Future Goals in Sport?

  • To one day represent Australia on an international stage.

What is your Favourite Motivational Quote?

  • “Those who say I can, and those who say I can’t, are both usually right” – Will Smith