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Final chance for pavers... EVER!

Due to limited availability, pavers will not be offered for sale much longer.  This is your last chance to purchase a paver and have your child's name be forever embedded in the pavement at Nossal.

Completed order forms can be emailed to 


Entertainment Memberships

Did you know that Entertainment memberships are now easier than ever to make the most of?


Not only is the membership now available on your mobile device, it lasts for a full year no matter when you purchase it! 


From dining to shopping, to travel, get more of what you love and give back to our school. 20% of every membership we sell goes directly to our school's fundraising.


If you purchase your membership now, you will also get a free multi-city membership upgrade worth $50, giving you access to thousands of extra offers throughout Australia, New Zealand and Bali!


Treat yourself and support our school by getting your Entertainment membership today -





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Did you know?

Did you know our newsletter can now be translated into a number of different languages?  This is a relatively new feature of the software program we use and can be turned on or off using the language selector in the lower left corner of each page.