Student Well-being 

Year 3/4   Community


The Year 3/4 Community has started off the year focusing on following the morning routine. This means walking calmly into the classroom, looking at the daily schedule, getting the books needed for the day and then going outside to play before the bell goes. As Year 4 student, Harry Randall said "This is so we can get organised quickly and don't have to waste time in the lesson to get school supplies". The morning routine has allowed the year to start in a settled manner and, in particular, has helped the Year 3 students transition from Year 2. 

In Wellbeing, the community has gone through the Corpus Christi Behaviour Matrix to ensure that we understand the ways that we can keep ourselves and others safe at school. "Knowing the rules on the playground helps us to be safe so no-one gets hurt" said Year 3 student, Solange Tang. With all Year 3 and 4 students having access to their very own Chromebooks now, this also helps to keep our belongings safe.


In Inquiry, the Year 3/4 Community has been looking at what makes us ‘us’ and how we fit into the community, but more broadly looking beyond surface-level similarities and differences and at the idea that we are all creative, collaborative people who can be accepting, hopeful, articulate thinkers who are curious and appreciative of things around us. It has been fantastic posing deep-level questions to students and hearing their thoughts on who they are in different situations, how they can get to know themselves and ways in which they can be within our community.


Lauren Borg

Student Well-being Leader