Principal's Report 

From Christian's desk....

Congratulations Deb K!

In last week’s newsletter I acknowledged our departing staff members. This week, I would like to acknowledge a much-loved and valued member of our community, Debra Karanzoulis, as she begins her transition to retirement.


Deb began her teaching career in 1981.  Following periods at Wellington Primary School, Belgrave South Primary School, Fountain Gate Primary School, Eastwood Primary School and a parental leave, Deb found a home at Croydon Hills Primary School in 1994. 

Deb has been an outstanding contributor to our school community, positively influencing so many students' and staff members' lives and time at our great school. Deb is an amazing all-round teacher. She is an exceptional practitioner in the classroom, has been actively involved (110%) in camps, Middle School Productions and is the school’s stalwart Hooptime Basketball coach. 

In retirement Deb is looking forward to plenty of cuddles with her first grandchild, Milla and cheering home her beloved Saints!

It’s not the last Croydon Hills will see of Deb. We have retained her talents as a regular relief teacher next year. 

Congratulations on a wonderful career, Deb. 

Colour Run

Last Friday our school was awash with colour as our students participated in our annual Colour Run. Thank you to our CHAPS volunteers who made the event possible and such a success. Thank you also to the families that chose to donate. Whilst it was not compulsory, the donations, which totalled $706, meant that the school covered its costs. 


Congratulations – School Captains 2021  Congratulations to the students who have been elected by their peers and staff to represent the school as School Captains next year. All the best as you follow in the footsteps of previous school leaders and contribute to positive change in our school community.

School Captains:               Angus S, Hunter F, Anna L, Talia H

Sports Captains:                Madi B, Jack B

Visual Arts Captains:       Tahlia D, Michelle G

Performing Arts Captains:  Layla J, Henry C

STEAM Captains:              Alex M, Joshua T

eSmart Captains:              Addison A, Meher K

Global Ed Captains:         Daham W, Olivia B

Eco Captains:                     Mia E, Bella D

Pos Ed Captains:               Freya W, Brianna K

Parent Helpers’ Morning Tea and Acknowledgment of Departing Families

On Monday our staff hosted many of our 2020 parent helpers. It was a great opportunity to show our appreciation and give back to those that are always there for our community. 

During that time I acknowledged our departing families that have supported the school during their family’s time at Croydon Hills.  So many families have contributed to the life of the school and, on behalf of all of our students, to those departing families, thank you. A special mention to:

  • Penny Pierce, for your contributions to CHAPS, particularly the Colour Run.
  • Beth and Colin Robertson, for your unwavering support to school events
  • Prue Armour, particularly for your contributions to School Council
  • Shannon Pearse, particularly for your contributions as a Volleyball coach

My sincere apologies if I have missed a departing community member who has also gone above and beyond.

Year Six Graduation

On Tuesday evening we celebrated our Year Six students and their time at our school. The Graduation event was a huge success with parents and carers attending the outdoor certificate presentation, which was also streamed live. Following that, the students enjoyed a Graduation Dinner, multimedia presentation and disco. Photos and the Graduation video will be shared with families soon.  A huge thank you to our Graduation Committee. The team did the most amazing job under the ever-changing circumstances. 

Year Six Art Project

A feature of our school is the art that adorns the school. This is a product of the annual gift our Year Six students give back to the school. This year each class produced a mural, the theme was simply ‘2020’:

SJC- These students chose an iPad that reflected Remote Learning. The screen had each student's face as an app, with their teachers in the bottom of the screen.

SWS- This class chose to show a night sky with stars. Inside each star was the name of a student. Some students decorated their star.

SKG- This theme was also about Remote Learning. This class took their inspiration from the "Dreamworks" logo and had their teacher, Ms. Gommers, sitting on the crest of the moon with a laptop!

SNT - Students created a puzzle. Each student had a puzzle piece and painted a scene that reflected something about 2020.

SRT- This scene shows bubbles with events from 2020 inside, such as the Ruby Princess outbreak. It was intended as a tribute to frontline workers.

SEC- Their mural is in two halves, as it will be placed at the entrance of the gaga pit. It shows the positives of 2020 on one side, and the events of 2020 on the other.

SLD- Students had their teachers on the courts of CHPS playing speedball under the starry skies.

SKF- Their scene showed a home screen of an iPad with 14 apps of the things they used most during Remote Learning.

Well done to our team of students and our Visual Arts teacher Tina Fiorentino for delivering such a stunning feature to our school that reflects such a significant year in modern history. The murals can be found on each of the eight sides of the Gaga Pit – fittingly, on a student led 2020 enhancement to our grounds!


End of Year Raffle  Tomorrow we will be having an End of Year Raffle with two small prizes donated by our local Federal and State MPs, Michael Sukkar and David Hodgett. We thank them for their support of local community and fundraising. The school welcomes a gold coin donation however, regardless of any donation, all students will be entered in the raffle. The raffle will be drawn at approximately 9:30am at the Box Car and Billy Cart Derby.


End of Year Level Assemblies

On Friday each of our learning levels will be having a brief Assembly to acknowledge our year and farewell students and staff. Unfortunately, due to gathering restrictions we will not be able to host parents and carers at these short Assemblies. Families wishing to farewell departing staff are welcome to their respective classrooms at 8:55am or 12:25pm.

Billy Cart Grand Prix & Soap Box Derby

Tomorrow morning we will host our annual Billy Cart Grand Prix and Soap Box Derby. The event starts at 9:15am with Juniors, then Preps, Middles and finishing with the Seniors at around 10:00am. 

If you are on our school grounds for longer than 15 minutes after you drop your children off at school we ask you to record your casual attendance on school grounds using the COVID-19 contact tracing visitor FORM.

Science at Croydon Hills Primary School – DET Funding announcement!

On Wednesday afternoon I received correspondence that our school has been accepted into DET’s ‘Primary Maths and Science Specialists Initiative’ for Science. This is a huge boost for our school’s Science program. Consistent with the school’s strategic direction, the program will support both: 

  • a full Science Specialist program with every child, every week receiving a 50 minute science lesson.
  • an enhanced in class learning program whereby Science understandings and inquiry thinking skills and routines are enriched in the classroom units of inquiry.

The initiative provides high level professional learning to three teachers with the aim supporting and enabling long term improved outcomes in Science.

It goes without saying that current Science teacher Laura Kitching and the Principal team were elated with the outcome. This initiative brings over $300,000 into our school budget over two years.  I would like to acknowledge Laura Kitching’s role in securing the funding. Well done Laura!

Last day tomorrow

Tomorrow is our last day of learning for the year, students are dismissed at 12:30pm. Students are to wear school uniform.

Enjoy a Safe Break

We made it! It’s been a long year and one we’ll never forget. Dare I say it,

 ‘A year like no other’! 

I am quite simply lost for words on how congratulate you, thank you and acknowledge your individual and collective efforts this year! 

We laughed together, 

cried together, 

and grew together. 

We succeeded together.

Well done everyone! 

On behalf of the staff at Croydon Hills Primary School, I wish you all well for a safe, restful and enjoyable summer break.

Christian Holdsworth  -  Principal