Achievements & Results


House Cup

What a year, especially for Blackwood who won the 2020 house cup. The competition was tough all year and it came down to values cards between Blackwood and Cottrell to decide the overall winner. 



This year saw some covid special edition events and many modified online initiatives. I would like to thank the house captains for all their work keeping their houses engaged and connected to the program during lockdown.  It was a tough time but I think having a school connection through the house program made lockdown that little bit easier. 

The final results were very very close!



Ms Claire Breed, Director of Sport and Student Engagement.


Sports Update

VCE House Sport

The VCE house sport competition is back on during transition and has kicked off with basketball. Students were really keen to get involved and the support from their peers has been fantastic. Well done to the 2021 Whole School Sport Captains for getting the program happening again with the easing of restrictions. The competition will run all year with Netball, soccer, volleyball and badminton to commence in 2021. 

The enthusiasm for the house competition is great I can’t wait to see how the 2021 house cup pans out. 


Ms Claire Breed, Director of Sport and Student Engagement. 




SSV virtual track and field

This year School Sport Victoria created an online initiative to replace their interschool athletics. We embraced this challenge and made it part of our house program to increase participation. As a result Suzanne Cory won the high school division across all the schools who participated across the state. Well done to the house captains for encouraging the students in their house and well done to all the students who got out in their neighborhood and ran, jumped and threw for the school. 



Ms Claire Breed, Director of Sport and Student Engagement.