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Tafe Hospitality Students

Top Service at the Wildflower Café


On Wednesday, 21st October, six Mary MacKillop College students enrolled in the TAFE Hospitality Course showed their skill and experience in operating the Wildflower Cafe which supplied customers with a 3 course meal prepared by students involved in a related course. 


Café duties included setting tables, bar service and serving meals. All floor staff were given an explanation by the head chef about the details of the menu for the day.


Abby and Ashley were responsible for drink service including coffees and keeping a float and records of drink purchases.


As well as serving Azari, Beth and Victoria were given the task of polishing the cutlery. Jess took her turn as a table waiter. Abby also provided the background music for the café patrons on the day.


Azari used his creative talents in choosing and supplying suitable flora arrangements for each table.


The preparation involved in operating a real café business for the day was amazing . Each student performed their role confidently and with notable  professionalism.  I was very proud to be present, being able to witness their skills and expertise at work. These students are now well practised for a career in the hospitality sector.


It was an invaluable experience for all six students to celebrate how far they have come with the course this year. It was all about being together, sharing their talents and enjoying each other’s company. Many thanks to the TAFE Hospitality Supervisor, Kevin Campbell, for inviting me to this occasion.


Jen Shea


Chess - VIC State Finals Open Secondary - Thursday 22 October 2020


There were 22 schools from across the State that competed with a total of 163 players in the Open Secondary Competition. Our team consisted of of Harrisen Herbert, Zephyr Anderson, Will Davies, Jeffrin Matthew, Andrew Martin, Robert Ornsby and Lachlan Aulich.


Round One


The team were all keen to do well – the room goes quiet and all I can hear are devices clicking. There was excitment in the room when Robert Ornsby took our first win with his opponent withdrawing.


Round Two


I could hear Harry say, with laughter, “I just got his bishop with my pawn.”

I could hear Will say, “Oh, he just took my Queen.”

Jefferin says, “I am playing someone with a rating of over a thousand.”

I could see Zephyr do a fist pump in the air.

Lachlan – says calmly, “Check mate,” and has a win.

It is such a great vibe.

At the end of Round 4 our MacKillop Team had moved up a place in ranking.


Round 6 saw Lachlan learn what the five move Check mate was – very quickly, and then had time to learn from this.


Thanks Mr O’Dwyer for dropping into the tournament, on both days– encouraging us, taking an interest and offering an incentive.


Round 7


Highlight of this round was Harrisen who won his fifth game against a player who has a higher rating and is currently ranked 28 in the State.

The College ranking moved to 12 and the mood in the room lifted and we were working out how many games we needed to win in order to finish in the top 5.


Round 8


Robert took his opponents Queen on the fourth turn – nice.

Jeffrin played with conviction and his opponent withdrew from the game – which gave us a win.


Round 9


Will commented – “I thought I was castling but turns out I was just moving my Queen.”

Jeffrin offers words of encouragement – “Stay focused team and do well.”

The team results had our team as 15th in the State – Well Done Team.


Mrs Herbert


Book Week

This year Book Week was celebrated 19 to 23 October at Mary MacKillop. The main events were online presentations from a couple of Australia’s best loved illustrators of books for young people and the Book Week Poster Competition.


On Monday 19 Ben Wood, illustrator of the hugely successful Real Pigeons Series, presented to all the Year 7 students. Ben was brought up in Mirboo North and owes much of his creativity to his Art teachers and the beautiful local environment. He spoke about how he goes about the business of illustrating books and got the students to draw their own super pigeons!


On Tuesday 20 Marc McBride, illustrator of the most successful book series to ever come out of Australia Deltora Quest, presented to all the Year 8 then Year 9 students. Marc spoke about the experience of his illustrations being made into action figures and the Deltora Quest PlayStation game featuring characters that he created. Marc is into drawing fantasy creatures especially dragons earning him the title of “Dragon Man”.


He led a workshop showing students how to draw dragons and monster serpents. He even created an epic dragon poster using a mini paint spray gun which he is sending to the school for us to display in the Library.


We also held a Book Week poster competition based on the theme of Curious Creatures Wild Minds. There were dozens of entries with many showing real imagination and artistic talent. Prizes were given to the top three posters as judged by the principal Mr Leslie. The winners were Divya Njarukulam, Nina Chang plus Jess Lodge and Celeste Robinson who submitted a joint entry. Well done to everyone who completed a poster and congratulations to the winners.


It was an excellent week celebrating the love for and importance of books here at Mary MacKillop.


Shayne King

Teacher Librarian


Year 12 Students

Formal classes for Year 12 students finished last week in a flurry of silly string and socially distanced fun.  Students made the best of the challenging year that they have had by dressing up as iconic figures of times gone by and were able to include commemorative tree planting and a class drone photo as part of their celebrations.  The assembly process was a quiet affair, streamed for the first time to families and friends at home. The students celebrated their cohort and teachers with awards, gifts and words of recognition for their time at the College.  We wish the class of 2020 all the very best as they prepare for exams, further education and future job prospects.


Senior Team 2020