Paul Dawson, Bradley Headlam &  Julie Andrews

Assistant Principals


This week, Year 11 VCE students completed their exam program for 2020. Year 11 VCAL students participated in their end of year group interviews. Both experiences are of great value, as these students now begin their Year 12 studies, which will culminate in an exam program or exit interview. 


Orientation Week for all students in Year 11 moving  into Year 12, 2021, begins on Monday, 16 November. These classes are critical in establishing the expectations for work habits, for class and homework, and the textbooks/material expected for the subject.


If there are concerns with purchasing book list items or with the Orientation Week Program, please contact Sarah Bridges, Sherryn Martin, Paul Dawson or the Student Wellbeing Team.

Study Techniques

Year 10 exams are next week, followed in Week 8 with the Year 7, 8 and 9 exams.

These exam revision techniques, from the tutoring site linked, may be helpful for the upcoming exams. They use the idea of PLOT to scaffold exam preparation.


PPlanning (Have a plan for study, a study timetable, have a starting point)
LLearning environment (find a place with few distractions that has all of the notes, guides, and books ready to use) 
OOrganisation (organise your time, resources, set up buddy study times)
TTiming (how long is the study session, junior students might be able to be effective for 30-40 minutes, older students can be effective in their study for longer, BUT regular planned breaks/exercise are important)

Plus these tips for exams:

  • Know what knowledge/skills are to be tested in the exam - find out if you don't know
  • Know how to answer different styles of questions
  • Summarise notes and memorise key information
  • Use a mind map
  • Manage your health and sleep
  • Know when and where the exam is to be held and don't be late!

The following study habits, if not already used, may be of benefit. They were compiled from feedback of students who achieved exceptional VCE results.  Study habits are not just for now, but are relevant for general study and should be used throughout the school year. This information comes from Matrix Education and more detail can be found via the link.

  1. Time Management
  2. Goal setting
  3. Get a good night’s sleep
  4. Stay motivated and be confident
  5. Avoid procrastination
  6. Utilise your teachers
  7. Get a study buddy
  8. Maintain a balanced lifestyle
  9. Learn from your mistakes
  10. Have fun!

Grade 6 to Year 7 Transition 2020-21

We are waiting for the Victorian Department of Education and Training  to release the next update about school activities, which hopefully includes guidelines that will enable schools to host onsite orientation days. A planning team at NGSC has been designing the structure of different options depending on the information that comes from DET. All new Year 7, 2021 families received an email last week and will receive the second enrolment package this week. The School will be in touch again in the next few weeks with information about the Orientation Program. The Transition Team is hoping that we can have our new Year 7 students onsite to meet each other and the Year 7 teachers, so as to begin their College life in a positive manner. Fingers crossed!