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Celebrating and Thanking our Volunteers

Thank you to all the amazing Volunteers at Concord School. We are grateful to have you working as part of the team to ensure that all students can ' Be the best they can be'

Thank you to Chrissy Fini, Melinda's Mum for generously donating fruit to our Breakfast Club. 

Celebrating Student Success- Achievements in the Community

Congratulations to Melinda  who has recently  been successful in gaining her drivers licence. Well done and safe driving.



Congratulations to Ben DeLuca who has recently been successful in gaining his Learners permit. Great work and safe driving

2019 Immunisation Program

Thursday 27 June 2019                                                                                                                                               


Influenza Program - dose 2   Lower Primary students. 

Please note: Secondary 11/12 Students- Influenza


Thursday 5 December 2019                                                                                                                                                         


Year 7                   Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis (Whooping Cough)   

                                  2nd Human Papillomavirus


Year 10                 Meningococcal ACWY   



Immunisation consent forms have been sent home with all students, as appropriate to their year level. Please take the time to:

  • read the information provided
  • complete all sections, regardless of whether or not you consent for your child to be vaccinated as part of the school-based program
  • return consent form/s to school ASAP


Every day vaccination saves lives and makes it possible for Victorians to live free from the illness and disability caused by many infectious diseases. All Year 7 and 10 Victorian secondary students can receive these vaccines for free.


For further information please go to the following links: schools


Please contact Rosemary Van Aperen for further details.


Woolworths Earn and Learn

The Woolworths Earn and Learn program gives Concord the chance to earn amazing school equipment. In 2019 we are collecting stickers between May 1st and June 25th. Please stick them on the sticker sheets and drop them in our collection box located in both the Bundoora and Watsonia office. We have spare sticker sheets available at the office . Start collecting today!


Meet our New Staff- Stacey Bilchouris

What is your role at Concord School? At Concord School I am a Generalist Classroom Teacher  Lower Primary . This is my third week teaching PMM and I am absolutely loving it.


Provide us with a ‘snapshot’ into your daily routine at Concord School: I try and get to Concord School by 8am where I will prepare for the day ahead. I teach Reading, Writing, Maths, Social Skills and Integrated Studies. When the students are at specialist classes I am planning activities with my team for the weeks ahead. After school when we don’t have meetings, I try and prepare activities for the week ahead. 


What do you love about working at Concord School? 

I love the friendly environment that Concord School offers. Most of all, I love the time I get to spend getting to know my students personally in the classroom. As well as working with my E.S. Mahni and as well as the friendly staff at the Lower Primary Campus.

Fast Seven:


Favourite Food: Donuts

Favourite Movie/TV Show: I don’t really have a favourite, but anything that is reality T.V. based or movies that are romantic comedies. I also love Disney movies

Favourite Music: I listen to everything. However, I love RnB, Maroon 5 and Nickleback.

Things I dislike most: I have a massive phobia of birds, and I dislike peas and marinades

Favourite Sporting Team/Athlete: I enjoy watching the Australian Cricket Team; however I like the T20 matches moreas they are fast paced. I have also been following Hawthorn in the footy

Hidden Talent or Something We May Not Know About You: Something that many people might not know about me; is that I am allergic to chocolate.

If You Could Pick Any 3 People as Dinner Guests, Who Would They Be and Why?

-Kate Middleton: I think she is amazing and I love anything to do with the royals.

-James Corden: He is funny and I would love to do Carpool Karaoke with him.

-Mila Kunis: She makes me laugh, especially when she played the character of Jackie in That 70’s Show. My family also likes to joke around and call me Meg at home.