SRC 2018

In 2018, the Student Representative Council (SRC) have started the year off very strong and made their presence felt across the School. Year level leaders have participated in various opportunities such as the GRIP Leadership Conference, Leadership Challenge with Class Captains, Teach the Teacher which is an initiative giving students the opportunity to learn and reflect on their experiences as a student and work towards building better relationships with their teachers,

SRC students offered additional activities during Athletics and Cross Country making the events fun for all students and some teachers too !



A group of very enthusiastic students visited the World Vision conference on the student free day. Ms Coutts ensured the group was organised and ready to have a great learning experience. The students gave up their time to find out about how people work towards eliminating poverty and its causes. They discovered that World Vision work with people of all cultures, faiths and genders to achieve transformation. They do this through relief and development, policy advocacy and change, collaboration, education about poverty and emphasis on personal growth, social justice and spiritual values. Australian students assist to bring maximum impact to children in need.


From the keynote speakers we learnt the misconceptions about and the aim of the 40 hour backpack challenge. It is about giving refugees a chance as every single one of us has a life that has a meaning. We became aware of the lack of opportunities people in war torn countries experience. Our student leaders are committed to supporting the 40 hour Backpack challenge and encourage the School community to get behind this great initiative.









The SRC have successfully organised two free dress days this year. In Term 1, students voiced concerns around the issue of littering at School. As a result of this conversation, students raised money for Clean up Australia Day and asked their peers to wear green to represent a cleaner environment. In Term 2, students reflected on a missed Free Dress Day opportunity during Harmony Week. SRC worked tirelessly to ensure that this missed opportunity could create a whole new initiative within the school. SRC based the theme in Term 2 on 'Multicultural Day'. Students planned and participated in a lunchtime performance which show cased various cultures that represent our school through song and dance. Year 12 leaders also presented certificates to a group of senior students who advocated on behalf of all our students in order to change the date of the formal, allowing all students from various backgrounds to attend. Year 7's who did not attend Camp were shown a powerful movie from India based on a young boy with special learning needs. The feedback on the day was extremely positive from both students who participated throughout the day and teachers who supervised.

The SRC team are currently supporting our lunchtime Toastie Club and hope to make it a student led and student run initiative by involving class captains and presenting to them the importance of Toastie Club. There are many more things coming up ahead for our leaders, as we continue to make student voice an important part of our school.










Varda Mala / George Massouris

SRC Co-Ordinator 2018 / Assistant Principal