Parents Association

We launched the Parents Association in February in the Theatre Foyer and over 30 parents and guardians turned up for the initial meeting. From this an interim committee met twice before the elections. Thanks to all the parents who attended any of the events and meetings.


Over 10 people braved the downpour to attend the elections of the Parents Association Council. The Group all brought their $1 to become financial members and were therefore eligible for voting.

Elected were the following:

President   :   Liz Bettink

Secretary   :   Paula Sharp  

Vice Secretary  :  Lorna Arancibia

Treasurer  :  Leoni Woodworth

Vice Treasurer  :  Kristy Ogden


It was a great night of conversations with some laughs and the school looks forward to working with this great group of people. Thanks to all the parents that have attended meetings and shown interest, it marks a positive step for parental and guardian inclusion at school. Any parent or guardian is welcome at any time to join the group.



Annette Evans