I recently had the pleasure of attending the Department of Education celebration for staff who have contributed their service over 35 years of service. While it was a humbling experience to be honoured in this way, it did force me to reflect on those years of service, and it did make me realise what a rewarding job we have in education. As educators, we often under estimate the significant impact we have in the lives of our students. We are reminded of this when we are visited by former students who freely share how significant school and some of their teachers were in their lives.


Our Newsletter also reminds the reader of the many wonderful opportunities provided to the students at our College. I am extremely grateful for the outstanding work of our staff day in and day out in supporting the needs of our students. They have provided memorable opportunities in a variety of fields including performing arts, sport, camps and excursions. As educators, we are in a privileged position to work with the children of this College and make a positive impact on their development as valued citizens in the broader Cranbourne community.


I hope you enjoy our newsletter.


John Jovic






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