Classroom Stars and Achievers 

Stars of the Week

Indiana K

For her efforts in maths working with two-digit numbers (Rick D3)

Sasha M

For increasing his writing stamina (Ellie D4)

Felicity M

For listening to the gymnastics instructor (Miss Hannah D5)

Jack R

For always trying his best in group work activities and when working 

independently (Candice/Mrs Kennedy M1)

Charlie M

For being persistent during Maths (Bec M2)

Charlie D

For being a great friend in the classroom and outside (Holly M3)

Jordan M

For demonstrating great resilience with your learning. You don’t give up even when you are not sure. That’s what makes a great learner, Jordan! (Ms W M4)

Charlie B

For trying extremely hard in learning time. Well done, Charlie! Keep it up! (Amelia M5)


Outstanding Achievers

Jayden F

For always showing kindness towards others (Mrs Brown B1)

Toby D

For taking initiative and thinking proactively about tasks (Brooke B2)

Koby McG

For taking initiative and displaying great leadership qualities (Brooke B2)

Jaxon V

For fully engaging in Education Week (Mr Loader B4)

Xavier B

For enthusiastically participating in our Education Week activities (Mrs Simpson B5)

Alice R

For your great work representing our class and the JSC (Kyra/Emily P S1)

Clayton J

For being so responsible and respectful in everything he does (Mrs Riddoch S2)

Cooper V

For making great leadership choices in Term 2. Keep it up Cooper! (Eliza S3)

Airlie F

For her achievement in the Cross Country last week. Congratulations! (Troy S4)



Finley H D5

For being a great team player in PE classes (Katherine PE)

Angie Y D3

For always trying her best in all PE classes (Katherine PE)

Ned Hines B2

For always having an excellent attitude in PE and helping out with 1/2 PE (Miss Wood PE)

Braxton J B2

For being a brilliant helper in Physical Education. Well done Braxton! (Miss Wood PE)

Edison D B2

For having an excellent attitude when helping out in PE! (Miss Wood PE)

Kiye V B2

For being a fabulous helper during physical education (Miss Wood PE)

Alice R S1

For showing persistence during STEM Lessons (Mr Mitchell STEM)

Atticus McI B1

For building consistently successful paper planes (Mr Mitchell STEM)

Macy M M4

For demonstrating her design skills in STEM (Mr Mitchell STEM)

Harry G D5

For enthusiastic participation in STEM data activities (Mr Mitchell STEM)

Archie F S4

For sharing his thoughts about viewed artworks (Mrs Bleicher VA)

Charlotte L D4

For showing her understanding of primary and secondary colours (Mrs Bleicher VA)

Jordynn M B5

For being a keen participant in discussions about viewed artworks (Mrs Bleicher VA)

Tilly H B5

For mixing interesting paint colours (Mrs Bleicher VA)