Classroom News 

Prep and Year 5/6 

Reading Hour

The students in Prep and Year 5/6 will be spending time each week reading together. During this time the Preps are showing the Year 5/6's the Red and Gold words from the M100W (Magic 100 Words). The books they read in this time will also be included as books read in the Premiers Reading Challenge. 

Students comments:

I liked finding the golden words in the book and my favourite part was the bum part in Piranhas Don't eat Bananas. By Madelyn 


I enjoyed when Amelia had to talk so fast when Little Miss Chatterbox was talking in the story. By Hanny

I liked it when Lockie was fighting his brother in Avengers. I liked when Caitlin was reading to me.  By Jazlyn 


I was able to find some red and gold words in the story with my buddy. By Rayzon. 

Year 2

Last Friday as part of our 'Olden Days' Inquiry unit, the Grade 2s and Grade 3/4s participated in making vegetable soup. We made the vegetable soup without any of the things commonly used in our cooking these days for example, spices, canned food and stock. We all went into the staff room and spoke about the importance of food hygiene and then got down to business with all the students having a turn at cutting vegetables to put in the soup. The aroma that filled the air was delicious!



Year 3/4

On Friday, some Bunnings people came to help with the Peace Garden, to make it pretty. First I started to pull out weeds and used some fertilizer. Second, we planted the veggies and fruits. Lastly, we talked about trees. Now the Peace Garden looks spectacular. Roman. 


On Friday 5th August, ma and my classmates planted with some people from Bunnings. I named my yellow flower ‘Buttercups’, my purple flower ‘Violet’ and my yellow and purple flower ‘Butterlet’. We went to the Peace Garden and it smelt like wine! We took some photos there. It was a fun time. Isabella. 


Last Friday morning, we had gardening with the Bunnings people. We pulled out the weeds to replace them with some flowers. We watered the plants after we had planted them. After that, we checked the Peace Garden with Marie. It was really beautiful. Lauren.

On Friday 5th August, me and my class in the morning, did some gardening with the Bunnings people. We named our flowers, some were named after the sky, some about candy! It was awesome. Allie.


On Friday 5th August, me and my class did gardening with people from Bunnings. We planted vegetables and flowers. I planted the flowers. It was awesome. I loved it! Jacob.

On Friday a few people from Bunnings came to our school to help plant some new flowers. They brought lots of flowers to the front of the school. The Bunnings people asked who wanted to work and who wanted to work at the back of the school. I stayed at the front. Soon after, we planted flowers. I got purple flowers and yellow flowers mixed together and I got a light purple flower too. . We also got to name our flowers and I named the light purple one ‘Stacy’ and I named another one  ‘Bella’. ‘Later we watered all the plants because they need to grow. Finally we took a group photo. Then the bell rang and the Bunnings people left. I had an amazing time. Aleisha. 


On Friday morning, my class went outside to do some gardening with some Bunnings people. All my class separated into groups, some went at the front of the school and some at the back.  We did fun things. Gail


Last Friday morning, I was excited because we did gardening with the Bunnings people. First we went into two groups. Our group went to the Peace Garden. We pulled out some weeds. There were a lot of tricky ones to pull out. Secondly, we filled up watering cans with some water and poured the water onto the plants we had planted. The water will make them grow. It was a fun morning. Jasmine. 


On Friday we did gardening with the Bunnings people. We did it in the morning. It was sooooo much fun. There were two groups, one at the front of the school and one at the back where the Peace Garden is. I was near the Peace Garden. We planted some vegetables. We planted strawberries, beetroots, lettuce, parsley and cabbage. The Bunnings people said that I was the best! After we had planted everything, we took some phots. It was a great time! Yianna. 


On Friday morning it was really cool because we did gardening with some people from Bunnings. We planted some flowers and it was really fun. In our Peace Garden at the back of our school and it is really pretty now. There is a meditating frog here. Harper.


Last Friday, 5th August, some people from Bunnings came to our school for gardening. We had an option to work in the back or the front of the school. I went to the front of the school and others went to the Peace Garden. We planted vegetables at the back. We dug little holes and planted the saplings. We got some new decorations for our Peace Garden. We had tons of fun. Katelin

Year 5/6 

Recently the Year 4/5/6's heard the Immigration story of Ethan's (Y5) grandparents. The following writing pieces demonstrate the students interpretation of the story. 


Hai’s Immigration Story

As Hai was hanging on the boat for two hours, her fingers began to hurt like she couldn’t hold on any longer. The smell of the salty sea, the roaring wind in her ears, she was about to let go but heard a scream. It was her baby. The thoughts of her baby getting killed made her heart skip a beat. The people on the boat began to worry and started looking for Hai. Someone on the boat saw Hai's fingers and they all pulled her out of the salty sea water. Hai was so tired and cold but all she could do was hug her baby. By Mia


Inside the pitch black jungle all I could see was mud, leaves and the faint shadow of the person in front of me. I felt scared. What if this plan goes wrong? What about Van? That was all that was racing through my head. I started thinking about Van, what if Van didn’t hold on? What if she fell into the abyss? It made me feel sick, it was the moment I dreaded the most… swinging from one hill to another. I grabbed onto the rope making sure Van was holding on tight. Someone pushed me from behind and a huge gust of wind hit my face. My foot touched the ground and my heart was pounding. I made it. By Sheen 


On the way to the boat, Hai and Van had to cross a mountain. They have no harness. Hai told Van to hold on tight or else you will fall and die. Many people died on that mountain. People gave Hai and Van a push and they made it across the mountain. She felt fearful that the van would fall. Also mixed up not knowing if she would make it. The rope was uncomfortable to hold. Worried Or unsure  that she would never see Tung again. She was anxious that she might not come out alive. By Liam 


Music Excursion - The Channel 

With the loud clicking of fingers tapping on mice, the comfy feeling of headphones on our head and laughter surrounding us, we were all making weird and wonderful songs. We dropped and dragged different sounds, some were great and others were quite terrible. Kids were shouting with joy and others were laughing nervously, scared to share. The small room with techy computers and gadgets was soon filled with thrill and happiness. By Isabelle 


We all sat down on the soft black chairs with our partners and started using the app Acid.  We all started thinking about what beats we wanted to do. Some people did loud beats and some people did quiet music. Me and my partner were very picky but we ended up choosing a short but quiet beat. By Mia 


As we entered the small room we saw big computers around us. The computers said Welcome Sacred Heart on them. As soon as Ming saw us he welcomed us. He was a tall, funny guy with long hair. He introduced himself then told us to take a seat. He showed us a video where a funny puppet used different instruments to make a soundtrack.

Then Ming showed us this Program called ACID. It was a soundtrack-making app with a lot of different colours. He showed us how to use it. When everyone knew what to do, Ming told us to find partners. After that we went off to the big computers. I was very excited to use the ACID program and to make music for the first time. My partner and I got the hang of it pretty quickly. Then we started listening to different types of music. It had drums, piano, guitars, sound effects etc. My partner and I started to mix stuff up and we ended up finding some music that we were satisfied with. 30 minutes later Ming told us to come and sit on the floor. Min started to play some of the soundtracks people made. We had a bit of a laugh. By John 


When we went into the room we saw computers. We put our bags down and sat on the floor. The guy told us what to do. He did a demonstration. We partnered up and went to the computer and started making our songs. We added instruments and vocals. We put in stuff to see how it all sounds together. We used drums, guitars and pianos. We were scared because it was bad. At the end we shared our songs with everyone. We were nervous to share our song because we didn't know if it would be good. If the songs were too loud it wouldn't save properly. Mine was loud but it came out fine. By Liam


As Ming showed us a video with a puppet that we called Jeff and he showed us how to use the software ACID. After that we went into pairs. Then we went to a computer and took a look at all the sounds and tested them to see how they worked with what we had. About half way through, Ming showed us how to save our music track. Then close to the end people were starting to ask other people to hear their song. Which was fun because we weren't just listening to the same music track over and over again. When Ming told us to stop and sit on the floor, we were getting nervous about sharing our music tracks to everyone else but once it started we all loved it. By Brian