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National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) - transition to online delivery

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) is coordinating the transition from pen and paper to online delivery of NAPLAN tests.


The transition commenced this year with 124 Victorian schools administering the tests online.  To complete the transition, it is planned that approximately half of Victorian schools will transition to NAPLAN Online in 2019 with all schools online by 2020.


As part of this planning, Catholic Education Commission of Victoria has identified Galilee as one which should transition to NAPLAN Online in 2019.  


The benefits of NAPLAN Online include a longer, more flexible testing window, positive student engagement, quicker turnaround of results and more precise measures of student performance at the lower and upper ends of the assessment scale.  


In preparation for the transition, two staff members will be attending a training session at VCAA on August 3.  We will be conducting School Readiness Testing between 20 August and 7 September for students in Years 3 and 5.  More information about these tests will be communicated closer to the date.

Lion King Jr.

Dear Parents and guardians,


The Lion King Jr is rapidly coming to life. It is wonderful to see all students embracing their inner Simba, Nala, Timon or Pumbaa. It has been, and continues to be, a rewarding and inspiring journey to see how students can work together to produce such high standards of performance.


Looking ahead to Term 3 there are 2 important dates for the musical:

Thursday 13th September:

Whole school Technical Rehearsal at Firbank Grammar School.

  • Students will be bused to and from Firbank.
  • Buses will depart at 9.30am and will return at 2.30pm.

Thursday 20th September:


The show times are 3.00pm AND 6.30pm.

  • School will commence at 11.30am.
  • We are coordinating with GOSH to see if they can offer before care until 11.30am – more details to come.
  • Please ensure your child has had breakfast and a snack before they come to school
  • Students will need to bring a packed lunch and two snacks
  • Students who pre-ordered lunch from our usual provider will receive their lunch between shows.

There will be an opportunity to pre-order lunch from our usual provider for this to be delivered in between shows – more details to come.


  • Students will be bussed to Firbank at 12.00pm and will remain at the venue until after the evening show. Students cannot be picked up between shows.


The show’s running time is approximately 60 minutes. Therefore, the first show will run from 3.00pm - 4.00pm(ish) and the second show from 6.30pm – 7.30pm(ish). Students will then undress from their costume, pack up and be dismissed from Firbank at approximately 8.00pm.


Caremonkey permission for Thursday 13th September and Thursday 20th September will be sent soon.

More details will be given when required.


Many thanks in advance for your assistance and cooperation,

Miss Carmen Carnovale

Cyber Safety Incursion

Yesterday, students were visited by Brainstorm Productions, 'The Protectors'. The Protectors have shown the students how to handle bullies and cyber bullies as well as protecting ourselves using our ProtecTools! 


Jane Ferris



Professional Learning for Teachers in Mathematics

As you are aware, our staff are continually involved in professional learning.  This year, one of our school focuses is Number skills and knowledge, which we are developing through the Learning Framework in Number.  Last Thursday, our Prep teachers, Miss Bamford and Miss Evans, participated in a full day of learning with other schools from our Maths Collective.  At the event, which was hosted here at Galilee, we focussed on Early Arithmetical Strategies and Structuring Numbers 1-20.  Each teacher had the opportunity to present her new learning to the group, as well as to discuss and demonstrate the ways we are implementing our new learning in the classroom.  The sharing of ideas amongst teachers from other schools in the area has been a very rewarding and empowering process. 


I’d like to congratulate Miss Bamford and Miss Evans on their professional approach and the way in which they are enriching each of their students’ learning through the Classroom-Adapted Learning Framework in Number.  It’s great to see the ways in which each child is being taught at his/her point of need, in enjoyable and exciting ways.  Developing a love of Maths in children at Prep level sets them up beautifully for a successful journey through school Mathematics.  Well done, Sammy and Holly!


Number Intervention

As Term Two comes to an end, the group of children involved in Number Intervention in Semester One are being re-assessed to determine the progress of each.  I am assessing the eight Year 3 and 4 students who have worked with me intensively this semester, and the Learning Support Officers are completing assessments with their students from across the school.  Testing completed so far is revealing some wonderful progress!  The increased confidence of the students noted by teachers and parents, along with their improved skills and knowledge, has far-reaching effects and a long-term impact for most.  Thank you to Maree, Pauline and Rosa, who work hard with various students each week to develop Number knowledge and support the teachers in their classroom work in Mathematics. 


School Banking Opportunity

As financial literacy is an important part of every child’s education, and it is commonly agreed that starting a savings programme at a young age sets children up with good habits for the future, we have been looking at introducing a banking programme for the school. As previously mentioned, Galilee has recently been approached by CBA (Commonwealth Bank of Australia) regarding their school banking programme. But as the Royal Commission investigates CBA’s actions further, I have begun to look into alternative programmes through other banks.  I am in communication currently with Bendigo Bank, who run school banking in certain areas only, South Melbourne being one of those areas.  Watch this space for further information!