Leadership and Management

Class Dojo Success!

Dear Parents and Carers,


This semester has been a huge success for Galilee in terms of Digital Technology. Our weekly radio show, ‘Galilee in 60’ has continued to keep the community updated with the latest news and events. We have introduced a Robotics Club at lunchtimes on Tuesdays. This allows our students to use a series of different robots. Finally, the creation of Student Portfolios through the use of our School wide communication application, ‘Class Dojo’.


The communication seen on ‘Class Dojo’ has been absolutely amazing. It has been fantastic to see parents commenting on their child’s work and it is a fantastic way to share news and events of what is happening in the classroom. I would like to personally thank the Galilee Community, parents and teachers, for giving the application the chance to be a huge success this semester.


This term, Galilee has formed a Digital Technology Team, consisting of the following staff: Mr. Coaley, Mr. Martello, Mrs. Orr, Mrs. Petrarca and Miss. Hession. The team meets on a regular basis and discusses ideas relating to the use of technology at Galilee. Recently, our team came up with the following vision statement:


“Our vision as the Digital Technology Team is to acknowledge that Digital Technology is integral to our students learning, and should be utilised through informed and responsible direction. Our mission for all at Galilee is to promote a positive school culture by developing skills in ICT for all, while using the latest infrastructure available. By seeking input from outside Galilee, we will ensure we are up to date with new technologies and their implementation.”


As a focus, the Digital Technology Team have discussed the success of ‘Class Dojo’ this semester and how to continue to use the application effectively in Term Three and beyond. The team discussed how communication within the application should be sent at an appropriate time and must be appropriate to the correct audience. Within ‘Class Dojo’ there are two levels of stories: a CLASS STORY where messages are sent to all families within the one class; as well as a SCHOOL STORY where messages are sent to every family in the school.


To allow for clarification and for all parties to be on the same page, the ICT Team would like to provide the following friendly reminders relating to Class Dojo:


Teachers are recommended to only use Class Dojo on school days between the hours of 8am to 5pm, this means that messages sent to families through the application should only be completed during these hours.

Parents are welcome to send a message to their classroom teacher at anytime, however the teacher may only receive the message between 8am to 5pm on a school day. As such, they may not immediately respond, but will endeavour to respond to your message as soon as they can.

The CLASS STORY is monitored by the classroom teacher and he/she will post news relating to that specific class during the recommended hours of 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

The SCHOOL STORY is monitored by a specific group of staff who will use this section for the following purposes:

Mr. Millar, Wendy and Tegan to share important school news

Mr. Martello and Mrs. Gerecke to announce any major whole school timetable changes and events

Mr. Coaley to provide links to ‘Galilee in 60’ and news from the Parents and Friends Group (P&F)


There may be times where the School has special events on and other staff members may wish to post something. For consistency, as with other forms of communication, teachers must seek approval from either Mr. Martello or Mrs. Gerecke before posting on the SCHOOL STORY.


On behalf of the Digital Technologies Team, I would like to once again thank the Galilee Community for their continued support and look forward to integrating more technology into our classrooms in Semester Two.


Kindest regards,

Joss Coaley

eLearning Leader