Holy Cross happenings 

Boys District Footy


Game 1 vs Gisborne


We started off not as good as we would have liked because we were not really switched on. In the second quarter we got told to be aware of picking up our players and creating space for us to work into it, then were back on the field for the second quarter. We defended a lot better but unfortunately we only kicked 1 point. The final scores were Gisborne 25 - 1.


Game 2 vs St Brigid's 


Game 2 was an amazing win for all the boys. We had a great start through Pat, Aiden, Taylan and Xavier in the middle. There were some great goals assisted by Taylan. Zjef and Lewi kicked 7 between them! Our backline was really solid with the end score being 64-0. In the end the boys put in 110 percent.


Game 3 vs Gisborne


Game 3 was a tight game and it was full of great effort. We fought as hard as we could. Unfortunately we couldn’t get the win. All the boys from the back line to the forward line tried their guts out. In the end we lost by 12 points.



Game 4 vs St Brigid's 


In our last game against St Brigid's we fought really hard and put in an amazing effort in the first half. Unfortunately the game was not over yet because of how close the scores were. It was Holy Cross 12 - 0. St Brigid's were putting a lot of pressure on us. In the last half we came out firing. We kicked loads of great goals and ended up winning 

Holy Cross 48 - 0. Unfortunately this was our last game of the day. We just missed out on finals. 


All in all we had an incredible day full of heartbreak and joy. We would like to say a big thank you to all of the staff and parent helpers that came along to support!


By Aiden R, Harley and Ethan S



Girls District Football

On Wednesday May 10th, the Year 5 and 6 girls AFL team went to compete at Dixon Field, Gisborne. We played four games in our pool and managed to progress to the final. We all had a really great day and had lots of fun.


Holy Cross vs Gisborne P.S.

Our first game was against Gisborne P.S. In the first half we faced some fierce opposition, but held our own and went really well. Macy scored one goal, but so did Gisborne P.S. From there we scored another 2 points for the half. In the second half, Gisborne scored a quick goal to get on top, but luckily Charlotte W scored another goal for HC just as it was getting tight. Overall, we had a really great game and won 14 - 12. The highlight of the game was all the girls playing really hard, getting tackled and marking as much as possible.


Holy Cross vs St. Brigid’s P.S.

Our second game was against St Brigid’s P.S. All the HC girls were amazing throughout this game with loads of hard ball gets and second efforts aplenty. We were able to come away with a strong win. The score was five goals to two. Our goal scorers were: Morgan, Jaeda, Chloe, Rose and Macy. They were five awesome goals!


Holy Cross vs Gisborne P.S.

Our third game was against Gisborne P.S. In the first half just as Gisborne was winning 3 points to nothing, Jaeda tackled, won the ball and scored. We also got 2 more points putting us in the lead by 5 points. In the second half we managed to pull out another goal, again by Jaeda. As well as getting another point to win 15 - 3. All the girls had a really great game and had lots of fun. 


Holy Cross vs St. Brigid’s P.S.

Our fourth game was against St. Brigid's P.S. This was our second match with them and we played well and won. We scored four goals for the match. The goal scorers were: Macy, Jaeda, Halle and Isabella. These are some awesome girls! Some highlights of the game were when Grace and Maisy were really good at smothering and tackling, also Alice put her head over the ball and won a free kick to save a turnover.


Grand Final

After successfully winning all our pool matches we qualified to play in the grand final against the winning team from Pool B, Braemar College. This was a hard fought contest on a much larger ground. In the first half, Braemar scored the first goal whilst we could only manage two (very important) points off Macy’s boot. The second half started as the first finished, hard and fast. All the girls in Braemar were very strong, but we managed to take them down. Very late in the game, after many repeat inside 50s, Lily was free in the forward pocket and marked a high ball from Jaeda. She went back, composed herself and scored our first and only goal for the match. We were now winning against them by just two points. Everyone had magnificent tackles. Lily’s amazing bomb got us in front and we stayed in front to win the grand final. The finishing score was 9 - 7.


All the girls played extremely well and, happily, we are going through to the next level where we will play other winning teams from our division. Division Football is on Thursday July 13th at Arnolds Creek Reserve, Melton. 


We would also like to thank all the parents, teachers, helpers and coaches who came to support us on this very exciting day. We would also like to thank all the girls who played footy on the day for having a go and giving it their all.


 By Ruby, Halle, Kaitlyn & Chloe.




District Cross Country


On Friday the 28th of April, Holy Cross participated in the District Cross Country at Dixon Field. The event was attended by 36 of our children, who represented Holy Cross with outstanding behaviour and sportsmanship.


All the children ran their hardest and gave it their all, showing excellent determination and resilience. We are thrilled to report that Holy Cross won three out of the six races on the day, and many more of our children qualified for the Division Cross Country, which is coming up on the 25th of May.


We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our parent helpers who assisted with supervision and event coordination on the day. Without their support, we could not have made the event such a success.


The children's exemplary behaviour and support for one another was a testament to the Holy Cross spirit, and all the staff in attendance were extremely proud. The children represented our school beautifully.


We look forward to the upcoming Division Cross Country event and wish our children the best of luck as they continue to showcase their skills and sportsmanship.

State Swimming Championships

We have some fantastic news to share with our community. On Friday, April 28th, Lachie achieved a remarkable feat and made Holy Cross history! He became the first-ever Holy Cross student to compete at the State Swimming Championships. After his outstanding performance at the Division and Regional competitions, Lachie earned his place at MSAC. He represented Holy Cross with great pride in the multi-class freestyle event. Lachie's achievement is truly inspiring and we are all filled with immense pride for him. Congratulations, Lachie, on this incredible accomplishment!


"I was the only student from Holy Cross to go to MSAC Swimming centre to compete in the State Swimming Championships.  Everything about the day felt good.  Swimming is good for you because you get out of  the house." - Lachie


Regional Tennis Tournament

Eoin represented Holy Cross at the Regional Tennis Tournament in Williamstown last Wednesday the 3rd of May. All the competitors faced challenging weather conditions with cold temperatures and rain. Despite the weather, Eoin performed well and made it to the quarter-finals round! Throughout the day, Eoin demonstrated great skills on the court, with the support and encouragment of his family. Overall, it was a fun and exciting day of tennis for all the competitors involved. Congratulations!


Wild Action Zoo Incursion

Last week, the Prep, Grade 1, and Grade 2 children at Holy Cross were treated to an exciting and educational Wild Action Zoo Incursion. The children had the opportunity to learn about various Australian animals, including crocodiles, koalas, monotremes, owls, turtles, and wallabies. They discovered interesting facts about each animal and discussed how important it is for them to have a healthy habitat to survive. During the incursion, the children had the amazing opportunity to meet many of these animals up close and even hold or pat some of them. The incursion was a resounding success, with the children excited and engaged throughout. This incursion was also closely linked to the school's Inquiry unit, which focuses on reducing our impact on the environment.


Helicopter Visit


Excitement filled the air last week as a helicopter made a surprise visit to our school. The children and staff were in awe as they watched the helicopter land in our carpark. The pilot spoke to the children about how a helicopter flies and the important role helicopters can play in the community. 


As part of their Year 5 Inquiry unit on physics and aviation, the children were thrilled to have the opportunity to see the helicopter up close. They examined the shape of the rotor blades and discussed how the shape helped the helicopter produce lift. This provided a valuable opportunity for the children to see real-life applications of the physics concepts they will been learning in class.


We are grateful to the team for taking the time to visit our school. It was a very memorable experience.

Backflips Against Bullying 

We had a special event today where Luca and Charli visited us to perform and teach us about preventing bullying. Their impressive performance included acrobatics and important messages about changing the narrative around bullying. The children were actively involved and even had a chance to reflect on their own experiences with bullying. The show concluded with a reminder to speak to someone about their feelings. We appreciate Luca and Charli's dedication and impactful message.