McKinner’s Winners is a monthly art competition that the Visual Arts Department will be running in 2021. Every month students will be invited to submit artworks which are inspired by a visual prompt. The visual prompt can be found on the Arts Matters McKinnon Instagram account (@artsmatters_mck). 


The first photo prompt for this competition is inspired by the infamous masks that students, teachers and the general public are now wearing AGAIN. Maybe through making art we can find a new love for these sometimes annoying masks! 


Monthly winners and top entries will be announced and posted on Instagram. 



  • There are no limits to the number of artworks students can create and submit;
  • Artworks can be any size or medium;
  • Artworks must be appropriate and not offensive;
  • If artworks depict other people, permission must be obtained from the model;
  • Artworks must use the monthly visual prompt as inspiration.


  • Photos of student artworks are to be submitted to the following email:
  • The file name must be as follows; student name_title of work_year level
    • eg: StudentName_AmazingArt_7


  • The top two entries will receive a $5.00 canteen voucher each, plus house points;
  • Runner ups will receive house points.

Follow the Arts Matters McKinnon Instagram account for regular updates on competition winners and entries, as well as posts celebrating the outstanding work our students achieve. 



Peter Eglezos

Visual Communication Design & Art Teacher